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Obama is Coming Undone

I didn’t title this as a question.

Cracking up, Going ’round the Bend, Slipping into Madness, are just a few of the thoughts running through many Americans’ minds these days.

My only thought is “Finally it’s becoming apparent.”

Over the years, Lady Penguin has erected a strong psychological profile of Barack Obama, in part based on his background as spoiled white kid, and also showing the impact of a cocktail of drugs, (whether administered by prescription, or not, or both, we can’t say), which probably control his moods and sleep patterns. To the trained eye he doesn’t look well and hasn’t for some time.

Behind the curtain he must be a handful.

Once upon a time I cared about whether Obama were just a marionette, dangled by handlers, or is his own man as to policy. But narcissism and vanity are his alone. Teat-fittery is his alone, and this psychological shortcoming may well be the undoing of every plan his handlers, if they exist, have in mind…for none of those handlers give a hoot in hell about who’s the king bee in the Levant. Even just after 9/11 they were discussing “acceptable losses” to terrorists, just so long as they did not take their eyes off the real prize. Unless Obama’s Sid Blumenthal (Valerie Jarret, Samantha Powers?) have a load on post-retirement contracts in the Middle East waiting in the wings, this Middle East entanglement is nothing more than a sideshow to the Left’s primary objective of tearing down every vestige of personal freedom, and the old constitutional idea of the common man and woman being in charge of their lives. Totalitarian or authoritarian, it’s a dictatorship they want, not a peaceful Middle East, nor even a moribund Israel.

But now a petulant, me-me-me narcissism, vanity and pride in Barack Obama threatens all those “noble” objectives of the Left.

Having jumped the shark these past few days, Obama’s about to screw the pooch. As Admiral Yamamoto said after his failure after Pearl Harbor (not sinking our carrier task forces):

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”[

So it’s no longer what Obama thinks, but what the true Left thinks, and what the American people think now that we know that neither Barack Obama nor the Democrat Party-Left, (and in all likelihood the entire political establishment in Washington), really gives a rat’s patoot about the security of the American people. Like Pearl Harbor, ISIS is an existential threat, writ large.

I believe when a man’s down, kick him. And I believe Barack Obama, short of declaring martial law and getting away with it, is down. His options are few, and I’d rule out a mea culpa/apology as one of them..

A favorite songwriter of mine, Roger Miller, in 1964 wrote a song few have ever heard, about the Code of the West, in which he finished with this line:

      It’s the Code of West that “you do unto others, before the mothers do it unto you”

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