The Fight of the Century, Obama vs His Job; Can He Make it Through the End of His term?

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And can the Democrat Party survive if he does?

Recently, you’ve seen a growing number of liberal writers conceding what conservatives have always known, that “Obama has checked out.” Not agonizing, not whining, but matter-of-factly conceding. Often excused as merely being detached, it’s clear he is actually zoned out. He seems not to be able to help it. There has been a growing alarm inside the Democrat Party and the political left that Obama indeed doesn’t care anymore, and that his public displays of indifference, even more than indecision, are getting more and more obvious and egregious.

Witness yesterday’s comments to lead off a fund-raiser in New York, where he began with a dismissive 40-second comment about the “crash” and “tragedy” of the Malaysian flight in Ukraine before launching into his pre-planned joke-filled speech to raise money. “No biggee” he seemed to be saying, an insensibility we’ve seen before – when he announced the Ft Hood shootings only after giving some Indians a two-minute shout out at a conference in Washington. I link here Britain’s “Mail On Line” story as they were the first to note this tasteless display,.

While the Democrats have been generally supportive of Obama’s domestic policies, even the heavy-handed parts, that took a quick turnaround due to the political disaster of the illegal kids on the border, which the American people, right and left, even poor, have seen for what it is, a phony, staged “humanitarian disaster,” orchestrated by Obama, who as the Democrat Party is suddenly noticing with alarm, is also a Democrat. Suddenly the two words are married again in people’s minds. Obama=Democrat. Seeing this develop, and giving Obama an earful, it seems his ears have been just as deaf to Democrat entreaties as the people’s, threatening to turn November into an even greater electoral disaster than Obamacare, (with the IRS and Benghazi still waiting on the horizon).

Maybe worse, only time will tell. His bungling, no, indifferent bungling of foreign affairs, now threatens to set the world awash with blood, and all of it laid right at the feet of America’s DEMOCRAT PARTY, not just its president. Who knows who else is crossing the border while Obama keeps his border guards changing diapers and doing paper work forty miles away? Or what they are carrying. We are teetering up against one disaster after another the next two and a half years.

The Democrats are sitting on the edge of a volcano about to explode. And it’s getting scarier by the day.

In expressing Obama’s “deep concern” these days, Press Secretary Josh Earnest, is reduced to describing the world as “more tranquil” under Obama. He must feel like Kim-Jong On’s front guy bragging to North Korea’s press corps how Fearless Leader played eighteen holes of golf and shot an 18, while trying to say it with a straight face. Creepy.

In what has now become the main event on the fight card among Washington observers, Obama vs His Job, the marquee fight, it’s becoming increasingly obvious to everyone who paid good money for ringside seats, as the rounds and points mount up in what is clearly a mismatch; a bantamweight versus a heavyweight, a pillow fight versus a stone wall, that Obama just can’t weave and bob any longer.

All sorts of reasons for this “sudden fall” from credibility and competence can be offered. Has anyone checked his meds? Lately? And I don’t mean the prescribed ones. But maybe it was always there, only now, even faking it is too hard for the guy. His attention span and his interest level both seem to be ingrained and conditioned from childhood, so I’m betting the main job of his handlers from the first week on the job was always to find ways to get him interested in anything that seemed otherwise boring and mundane, such as doing his job. Not if there’s a golf course calling his name. It must have been sort of like getting a kid to sit down and read a book in a toy store. All we really know that he enjoys about politics is getting even. Punishing enemies. And we know he’s comfortable speaking in public to twenty-year olds, where he can still pose and preen, and eye contact is still possible.

I know it’s too late for I told you so’s, but he was never qualified for the job in the first place, and apparently his backers, Party and handlers always knew it, for they went to great pains to keep the actual record of his sterling scholastic achievements from public view from the very beginning.

Not caring, indifference, is a learned condition, usually beginning at an early age. It’s a chronic problem in American culture today, because it is also an important element of modern public education, but for people of Obama’s age, it usually is a result of one doting parent and having issues with the other, creating a world of almost complete self-involvement and self-love, and thumb-sucking insecurities. If I am also citing what were accepted scientific (psychology) markers for gay men until the 1980’s, I apologize. But under military law in those days, there were two types of homosexuality meriting administrative discharge up until the Clinton era, the active practicing homosexual, who earned a harsh discharge (Undesirable) and the “latent” homosexual, who only showed tendencies, so one could leave the service with a good discharge. Since the Army saved many a mama’s boy and turned them into fine men, their “shape up or ship out” policy seemed to be a good one for society and the young men. But it’s a helluva thing when the White House has to become the basic training camp for manhood, only to find that Obama failed the Shape Up or Ship Out standard. And the Democrat Party now knows this..

So what do the Democrats do with him?

I say this this way because the Democrats would love to goad the Republicans into doing their dirty work for them, say with impeachment. But the GOP won’t bite.

So, the Dem’s choices are not pretty, but have you noticed how Joe Biden is suddenly going around acting and speaking presidential? Or that the media is suddenly noticing him acting presidential and commenting about it?  Is the Twenty-Fifth Amendment on Joe Biden’s to-do list? Understand, they can’t take Obama away kicking and screaming. African-Americans, who admire Obama far less than you imagine, at least those who work for a living, still would be livid, and the Dems can’t afford that. If they could find a stand-in, they’d do it. But they’d need at last four.

No, they have to take him away.

Maybe they can shoot Obama up with drugs, (other drugs) then report a total breakdown from overwork, stress and worry over the people’s welfare, thus making him an ambulatory martyr, the man who sacrificed his health for his country. They could send a sad-faced Biden and a team from the Cabinet over to Congress to declare the President’s incapacity, then for Biden to solemnly and respectfully speak to the people, (I hope he can fake this better than Obama). After an appropriate time, they could stage media events of Obama being carried  away on a gurney, flashing the V sign, en route to a sanitarium, followed by twice daily reports for the next three years, where, with the help of the media in focusing on Biden’s 2016 run, the people will largely forget Barack Obama languishing away there. Michelle and the girls can be sequestered away in a nearby villa, where they can prepare for Barack’s reemergence in 2020 or so, maybe as the next nominee for Secretary General of the United Nations.

Or maybe not, for if the GOP wins big, and really good people take over in the White House and DOJ, Barack and the Democrats may find it more profitable to let Barack just stay there forever. Trust me, they’re thinking about this.

I’m betting they find a way. You heard it here first.

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