Democrats are a Race of Liars

Will Rogers is still the most memorable creator of political one-liners in American history. An Oklahoma joke-telling cowboy who could do rope tricks while telling them, he was the recognized spokesman for the common man in America, when our middle class was so very much smaller, and at a time when the common man had almost no representation in Congress unless he belonged to a union or was a member of the KKK…both run by Democrats.

Although he poked fun at all politicians, Will did have his preferences. He liked presidents, painting them as victims of a thoroughly dishonest Congress. But he spent much of his time reminding people that what was going on in Washington was a “racket” (when Congressmen were sneaking to steal only 100’s of dollars), then reassuring folks that America was so big we would always overcome it. Although he liked Coolidge more than FDR, he tended to favor the Democrats because they purported to favor the working man. He died only midway through FDR’s first term, so never got to see to what the New Deal had in store for America and the generations to come, never dreaming that FDR would remain in office another 9 years or that a man named Hitler would blow the world up, or that the Soviets would grow into giants, for he cracked jokes about them  as if they were cartoon characters.

Since Will Rogers died before FDR’s big bureaucracy-deluge in 1936, disguising, with Hollywood’s help, (like Obama) 17% unemployment all the way to the eve of Pearl Harbor, I’ve often wondered how his humor might have changed once it became clear what Democrats were really up to in those days. Or, how he would have responded to say a Nixon, Clinton or Obama White House, each in their own way legatees of that first bureaucratic assault on the Constitution…and the common man? Will Rogers was a smart man.

Why I mention Will Rogers is that one of the first things I ever underlined of Will Roger’s quotes, 30 years ago, was that he referred to the Democrats as a “race”. The “Democrat race” is a term I’ve never let go of since. I don’t think Will Rogers ever knew just how right he was.

Village of the Damned

I’ll bet you thought I was going on another rant about lying, but actually it’s the race part I want to dwell on, for truly, the Democrats are a race of liars; also criminals, racists, you name it. It’s all embedded in their political DNA. I say they are a “lying race” because they are wired this way. It’s in their psychological and environmental DNA. Their party has been led by crooks and liars for years; swindlers, con-men, thieves, and other politicians looking and sounding like Harry Reid, people who want to join the leisure class without working for it. But what we see with the modern Democrat operative, and have seen actually since the 1970s, has been a growing army of automatons, culminating with the Millennials (aka GenY’s), who all seem to be a product of the same incubator, the same test tube, the same laboratory, the same genetically-engineered design, and who, since kindergarten had been identified, then segregated, then funneled off, like calves into a chute, to join others of their own kind, to be corralled and educated and trained to think, speak and act as one.

It’s a picking process we’ve been watching all these years, much like selecting grades of ore using a separation device, where bigger chunks are sent off to the military, truck driving school, or to play sports while lesser-sized ones drop out or get jobs. But finer grades go to college, only there many are steered by waiting cadres into various disciplines that really have nothing to do with traditional notions of a career. Here, at one time, the vast majority of us were set loose on the private sector because we displayed some level of independent thinking or resistance to mind-numbing repetition never knowing others were being cordoned off like slow moving fish in a barrel. Today, nearly half are now swimming around mindlessly in that barrel, as government work is the modern career of choice, making the picking game for leftwing cadres far more selective. (Both Obamas spoke of this in the 2008 campaign.)

The Left has always been on the lookout for their idea of good, compliant, easy-to-hypnotize, insecure talent, only we didn’t know it, because we didn’t have their playbook. One of the long term purposes of the Occupy movement, besides engraving the term “99-percenter” into the national lexicon, was to identify that roughly one-in-every hundred kids who showed more interest in organizing than drinking, so was recruited on the spot, and sent off to train and are no doubt working on various projects for 2014 and 2016.

Only now we know they can literally build their own talent pool from kindergarten on.

So today, the principal purpose of the university, almost every one, is to identify, select and train these individuals to be chuted off for duties for the state. The other 60% of graduates will still go on their merry ways never knowing that their lives and their children’s lives will be shaped by these people who mysteriously disappeared into the catacombs of various university departments to emerge four years later as “select” school teachers or fast tracked onto grad school, PhD’s, professorships and government service. One pundit (not Rogers) in the 30’s commented that the “business of professors is to make more professors.”

Since my generation was the first one actually exposed to this laboratory, it never dawned on me until this week that its overall success or failure always relied on the picking process, and in my day there just weren’t enough pickers in the system to hand-select which student should be chuted where. In those days building up their university cadre was the most important element of the Left’s plan, which was multi-generational in scope, so no one noticed it in real-time. But my son, now 43, and a GenX’er, can attest to the continuity, from my days (1964-70) to his days (1988-1992). The beat goes on.

My 60’s generation were only the first, but we were only a puny first step at achieving any success in breeding from a test tube the complete automaton. But a generation of automaton-design “engineers” arose from our midst. I knew a few (although I didn’t know it at the time). And no, they weren’t homosexual. But neither could they drink beer and sing “Polly Waddle Doodle All the Day” with a mouthful of pizza. They were just in the wrong skins and the right persons were on the look-out and noticed that special characteristic in them, and gave them shelter and kamaderie.

Children of the Damned

All this came home to me as I watched tiny Tommy Vietor being interviewed by Bret Baier on Fox News. In truth, I’ve watched Fox News exactly three times since 2012 election eve, so why I tuned in this night I can’t say. Never heard of him, never seen him before, but I was transfixed the moment he spoke, for the first words out of his mouth were lies, which he delivered as offhandedly as a numbers’ caller at a Bingo parlor, signaling that he was trained from the incubator to know how to lie. My immediate response was to want to backhand him…with a big ring on my shootin’ hand. (I’m also sure that would have been the first hand raised at him by an adult male in his life, from any direction.)

My second thought, after my wife poured a bucket of cold water over my head, and I composed myself, was to realize that in a world where a bloody lip is now a felony, God was wise to invent the rolled up newspaper. It was in this state I recalled that tiny Tommy Vietor gaze from a British sci-fi film, Village of the Damned, (1960) which I saw recently on Turner Classics. (It was so creepy they made a sequel, Children of the Damned, but you can watch this film on your computer by going here.) Trust me, the Brits had the type down.


In all seriousness, to understand the modern Democrat bureaucratic operative you have to understand the process that created them, and the process by which they are “picked.” This film says it better than any 250-page psycho-analysis by Dr Heinrich von Schlieber from the Institute of Americanische Politiks fur der Kriminal Mind in Vienna ever can.

I’ve done multi-generational planning before. It’s something that people who want to break down bureaucracies have to consider, and one of the first questions I ask about of corporate leaders who claim they want to reduce the bureaucracy without allowing them to wreck the company. I have to hand it to Democrats, for they have been very adept at improving the picking process since the advent of the GenXers in the late 80s. I expect Barack Obama was an early prototype, for if ever there was a child of the damned, it’s him. But so is Michelle, just in case you think they are all cloned. (Alas, poor Yorick Hillary, is outside the plan. She failed the teat-fit test back in 1969…several times.) But once you start looking for them, it’s easy to spot them, especially the later models, like tiny Tommy Vietor, only, as we know about tiny Tommy, they keep them away from the sunlight, so they emerge only rarely.

These are not random flukes or freaks of nature. It’s impossible for me to believe that Barack Obama is a random freak that just washed up on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive in 1985. Sauron created his orcs, and Saruman his Uruk-hai, not as people, but as soulless creatures who moved to their creator’s will. Someone created Obama. But with the run-of-the-mill tiny Tommy Vietor, who is about at the apex of his career vector now, the Democrats pump them out by the thousands ever year, knowing how to make them presentable, with the best of clothes, some language skills, albeit of the psychobabble dialect, but still with the navel-gazing manners of skateboarders on the California boardwalk. Their skills at dissembling on their feet is extraordinary and I gave tiny Tommy Vietor a B for his effort. One or two stumbles are always permissible when the interrogator is not allowed to hit you.

I could go on. Just keep the image in your mind, not of tiny Tommy, but the photo I’ve provided, for this is the lot of them, unmasked…then remember thousands of kids out there are competing their butts off so they can join this group…to be one of them.

This should scare you. Then make you angry.

Tolkien had his Evil Ones create beings that weren’t really human, as a device I suppose, so that the killing of them would cause no moral hiccups. They died in heaps and no one paused to think about their souls since they hadn’t any. We can’t do that with these laboratory rats-turned-bureaucrats, although they are very nearly as soulless, witness tiny Tommy Vietor. Still, we can’t shoot them. So we have to ritualistically cut them off completely, all of them, to let them walk the earth alone (there’s always Mom). No re-education or retraining camps. Cut them loose. A few may work their way back to civil society, but even more will go with whatever group they went through boot camp with, to slink into the catacombs, perhaps like Gollum, but maybe Bill Ayers, never to be seen or heard from again, unless a big bang is associated with it.

What happens to them once they are cut off is beyond our control, but we must make these armies non-operational quickly. In all my years of preaching about taking back the schools, I’ve argued that we need to do it from the local school district K-12 first, but with the advent of their poster child, tiny Tommy Vietor, I now confess we must direct our vigor at the university that produces them, for until they get to good ol’ State U, or Princeton, Nature can salvage them all by herself, just as Nature always has.

Invoking a little Sioux as well as Arab lingo, the universities that produce them, however, need to be “cut off.” There are several ways of going about this, and have a few (proprietary) ideas myself, depending on how much political will we will have (if we ever win politically, and how much, as a society we can tolerate these children of the damned strolling the countryside looking for the mothership, or nanny test tube, that produced them. They will still be allowed to vote, you know?

One final comment, we have several conservatives who blog or have attained high reputations among their peers as pundits and writers, yet, as Al Gore once quipped, are just one Y-chromosome short of being just like tiny Tommy Vietor. They bear watching, perhaps, thanks to tiny Tommy, with greater scrutiny.

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