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Reverse Klu Kluxry in Arizona

In his last newspaper article, in 1948, H L Mencken wrote of a little-covered event in Maryland, in which some white youths and black youths went to Baltimore’s City Park and began playing tennis. The police were quickly summoned, they were arrested, and over a period of a few weeks, seven of them were convicted and fined. And warned not to do that again.

Of course, there was no national uproar, for this was 1948. Not was there any local uproar, since this was Maryland, again, in 1948.

But Mencken roared, at least as much as a 68 year old man, just two weeks shy of a stroke, could.

He asked these simple questions:

Has the Parks Board any right in law to forbid white and black citizens, if hey are so inclined, to join in harmless games on a public playground?

And even if it is lawful, is such a prohibition supported by anything to be found in common sense and common decency?

He went on to roar that it was surprising to see so much of the Klu Klux Klan still surviving in the Maryland Free State.

Why should cops be sent in to separate people against their will into separate herds. Any white player can yes or no to any colored player and any colored player could say yes or not to any white player. But when both say yes, why should anyone else object?

In these comments Mencken pointed out an aspect of Klu Kluxry which many today have forgotten about. We all know the terrorism of hooded men in white, carrying torches

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and burning crosses in people’s front yards, but no one really pays much attention to the KKK’s use of local and state police powers to deny people the right to freely associate, a right that is listed right up there next to, and co-equal to, the right to practice one’s religion as one pleases.

But it was this, as much as the vote, and not the burning crosses and torchlight processions, that the real Civil Rights movement was all about.

Why we don’t hear much about it today is because this same sort of Klu Kluxry is still alive and well in the manipulation of politicians and bureaucrats, just like it was in Gawja, only they are coming at it from the reverse. Instead of denying people the right to associate, they are demanding that they do. They are forcing their affections on people who simply don’t want to be among them.

Even African-Americans understood this law of society (and common decency) then, and while they still have their own private language for crackers who display animosity towards them, they understand the right of apartness in daily human affairs.

So by 1964 it did not offend blacks to walk into a restaurant that bore the sign “We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone”, since they knew it did not apply to them, but rather disheveled, drunk, or rowdy and obnoxious people.

But we have entered a new era where, in certain states, if the sign reads:

no-shirt-no-shoes-no-service-printable-signUnderneath this sign you may also read:

But if Your Customer’s Hand is Down Inside His Buddy’s Pants—–


(By order of the County Equal Rights Commission)

Reverse Klu Kluxry is the process of using the law to force people to associate with others in public places even when they would prefer not

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to, and it is alive and well all over the country, i.e., wedding cakes in Oregon, and wedding photographs in New Mexico. And it has extended to managing the freedom of thought control in our public schools, where children can be suspended for even thinking out loud things their parents have taught them.

Reverse Klu Kluxry is a public accommodations dodge, to be able to force-feed the external accoutrements of a lifestyles on innocent people who find them anywhere from indecent to irreligious to down right disgusting, all under the guise of civil rights, the same way the KKK used states’ rats.

But the truth is, even people of faith don’t really mind gays. They don’t lay awake at night thinking about them, as some gays apparently do about strangers a thousand miles who might disapprove. You don’t have to be religious to object to the way certain kinds of gays go around trying to advertise their lifestyle choices…by forcing them to watch, and to approve. Even most gays don’t agree or participate, either, and try to remain in the community of decent folks.

So, what a sad day that common decency and faith must seek the protection of the state, through legislation, just to freely associate with whom they choose. Even black Americans agree, for they too realize this is not a civil right being protected here, but a foot-stomping teat fit being showcased.



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