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Articles of Impeachment Against Holder; The Return of the Jedi

(Note: I was going to link this to The Blaze until I heard Glenn Beck earlier go on one of his mockery rants against Kirsten Powers about comments she had made about Obamacare before she was saved. You might want to think twice…)

It’s all over the web that some Congressmen and women intend to file articles of impeachment against Eric Holder later today (Thursday). The list of charges is lengthy, as you all know, and imminently provable, amounting to charges that would get an ordinary citizen 10-to-20 in the real world..

Still, don’t expect this to go very far, for most of the Republicans will see this entirely through a political prism. In fact, I can’t wait to hear what McCain has to say about it.

This is not to

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say we shouldn’t rejoice, Dear Hearts, for just eight weeks ago it would have been unthinkable that these men and women would even think this unthinkable thought.

The number of members who suddenly are able to see the Light (which is why I mentioned Kirsten Powers), is growing.

This is happening for two reasons:

1) Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and their trek to the well of the Senate to plant a flag, only six weeks ago, and

2) The transubstantiation of “Obamacare” into “Obama-lied,” only a week ago.

This effort may fail. but there will be more. Many more.



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