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Democrats Aren’t Coming For Us. They’re Coming for Our Grandchildren

You already know how it galls me that the Left out-spends us, even without tax exempt dollars. For fifty years, before 501c (3) and(4)’s,  they passed the hat, just like a tent meeting, and got the mission accomplished anyway.  Obviously, more than we do, the Left understands the meaning of a sound financial solution to a problem. And a Plan. They invest,  they don’t donate, while conservatives generally subscribe to the notion that if we can’t beat them with tax-exempt dollars, we won’t fight. The IRS scandal has proved this lamentable fact. Death by Skinflint.

The Left knows how to play Moneyball. The Right doesn’t.

Worse, they out-fight and out-plan us. Since the beginning of the Netroots they have generally shown that they will spend 70% of their time attacking conservatives and weak-kneed Republicans while we spend 95% of our internet time complaining to each other about how vile they are for doing it…never once stopping to consider how much more effective we could be, armed with the Truth and all, if we simply rolled  those same tactics back over onto them. We’ve always had ammunition they can’t even imagine, but they have always been in the game for keeps.

Worst of all, I guess, is the fact, even as we are belatedly coming around (except in our Congressional leadership) to finally seeing what their Grand Plans really is, the Left’s grand plan has been on the table for at least 60 years. In 1953 they made a Honey-Do checklist of things to accomplish, and have gone about accomplishing just about every one. We still have difficult time thinking past next week.

But we still seem to miss the salient point that their “long view” looks way past us. We’re mere pass-throughs. Barack Obama doesn’t have to do anything serious to any of us, although his acolytes have many things they’d like to do us, such as re-education camps, and a total breaking up of our private lives.

They feel they have much to get even for and they may still get their way. That first generation under total control the first 30 years can be a living hell if they want to make it that way.

But in the near term, they can just enjoy watching us squeal. For fifty years we’ve become very predictable in our belly-aching, and as seen from the Left, it seems to be either a favorite form of entertainment, or some sort of psychological self-defense. Point is, it never injures them, it refreshes them.

For one, most of us, while we decry the loss of freedom, haven’t really lost much we actually use. That’s all about to end, and soon, as the ball does seem to be rolling faster. They’ve become more and more confident and bullying, in part because they now know they have 70% of the Republican Establishment in their hip pocket, who would clearly rather switch than fight.

20% of the American economy has disappeared, but the stores we visit regularly are still open. It’s small business that’s hurting, but we can still find someone to kill our termites or fix the A/C. We can still afford gasoline. And medical insurance. Our cats and dogs still get better treatment than 80% of all the people on the planet. We still watch the Masters, the Spurs and Celtics, the Cornhuskers, and the Tar Heels, and we still donate to the church or the Save the Cats Foundation. Because of Obama, our expectations are lower, but still bearable. We still have Visa, Mastercard and a Kohl’s card.

We still haven’t fully convinced ourselves that this is all just a bad dream, and eventually we’ll all wake. “Dream on”, the Left says to itself.

So, the pain of losing America is still mostly only in our minds, as if we’d lost an old friend from an illness halfway across the country, but with whom we really hadn’t kept in touch all that much in recent years.

Millions of Americans are in despair, but we don’t see them because they aren’t hanging on our front gate, begging for food.

So, rather than pull a Maoist cultural revolution on us, by making us walk through the streets with a horse collar around our necks, amidst jeers from throngs of young people wearing little red scarves, the smarter long-term Leftist planner knows they can simply let us die off, each in our own good time, but kill us in little bits by simply forcing us to peer into the future knowing that one of those children in red scarves may be one of our own.

So, although he hates us, Obama doesn’t have to do much of anything to us, for the long view always was that he would kill us through our children and our grandchildren…

….for he knows that as each of us passes away in the next 20-30 years, we will have the fate of our children and our grandchildren gnawing at out ribs. We will die with an image of them in their little red scarves, marched around at school singing songs to the Immortal Blessed State, our own children forbidden to teach them about God, of a Higher Law, under the threat of losing their jobs, or maybe even those re-education camps.

Our grandchildren will no longer belong to our children by the time we pass on. And by the time our own children pass on, there will not be a remaining memory of how life was as we know it today.

With the loss of cultural memory, the State will own our grandchildren and their children.

True sadists, for Obama and the Democrats such a thought about our final withering away is delicious.

We all know that the Obama plan will eventually fail. But the Left will outlive all of us, and they will outlive us with a sneer.

We can do better.


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