Reverse Engineering the Left’s Lie Machine

Peeling Away the Left

Whatever the Left does today, whether in  the political arena, the science community, academia, public schools, no matter where, what you (we) are seeing is a finished product when someone steps to the microphone to issue a statement.

When the White House lies, whether through Obama, or Jay Carney, or any number of others, it does so after meetings and collaborations, the resulting product containing embedded elements of lies, if not the whole thing. The whole purpose of almost every public statement is to misdirect the public in some way, while restating some coded Leftist truth so that Believers can feel reassured..

To fully accomplish this, pre-lie messages go out to people all over the place to be prepared in advance to defend it. Think of laying down an artillery barrage before sending in the infantry and cavalry. It’s a very coordinated event, “supported by a host of thousands” as old movie trailers used to say.

When that lie finally is found out, all the elements to make it work are already in place, not just to defend or push the lie, mind you, but to make sure those who catch on to the lie are either maligned, slapped down, ignored, ridiculed and sometimes even threatened. It’s a crossfire of push and pull.  And they keep it up until that threat is ended.

The media is only a lead player in this scenario, not the only one.

This is commonplace today in the Obama administration, as it was in the Clinton administration. So commonplace that America has largely tuned out, bringing about a result I think the left originally never planned for, but now rely on.  It has also made America cynical even about the truth. Low-information voters, who generally can’t tell the difference between fact or fiction, or place the same sort of moral weight on that difference anyway, find it much too easy to believe that say, Bush, was lying at the same level of dishonesty  as have Clinton and Obama. All government reports are lies.

Having a population that will believe or disbelieve anything and everything based on criteria not even remotely related to truth or fact, or their consequences, is a mighty power to control.

So Democrats use  a kind of reverse psychology here, that instead of vigorously defending a lie as the truth they instead have conditioned people to believe almost everything they hear are lies,  and then offer up more favorable or pleasing ones to believe.  Democrat tell  lies that are the sorts that people would rather believe. So like the Catholic Church is about sin; Republicans are always made to appear pushing for pain (hurtful truths), while Democrats are always pulling for pleasure (feel-good lies).

When things get to this point, and they have, we have to consider that 1) ordinary politics can no longer fix this problem, especially since over half the GOP have drunk the left’s Big Lie Koolaid as well. Resistance is futile, they believe.

So, in the only-we-can-do-this category of counter-strategies, we need to peel away the way the Left pulls these frauds off, and reverse engineer them, so as to be able to lay bare all the elements of their strategy. Then, since we can’t just go swat Barack Obama across the chops with a rolled up newspaper, or throw hot coffee in David Gregory’s lap (you get my drift), we can attack those exposed areas.

Some lies and frauds are quite complex, but before long you will be able to see the symmetry in their design, and the interconnectedness they require to pull it off.

All you have to do is decide to engage in the mental exercises of reverse engineering the Left’s lies, whether from the academy, the system system, the bureaucracy, or the Administration. This is why studying what Grumpy Elder (Beating the Communist Left at their Own Game, Part I)  has to say in his 3-parter (I’ve only read Pt I-II) on getting back at the Left. He provides what I call the “Light” strategy, fighting in the public arena, while I try to provide the Dark part. Combined, I think we can mount quite an offensive.

Reverse Engineering

Ever build a model airplane? Rebuild a 6-cylinder Chevy engine? Disassemble then reassemble the M14 rifle? OK, that’s guys stuff. How about assist in surgery, where you have to take all the stuff out, then put it back in again? In the right order. How about make a cake from scratch? Or biscuits?

The idea is to start with the finished product and reverse engineer it back to it component parts. Usually the rule is First-in, Last-out. I once helped sell a factory to the Russian government, and the company sent in to dismantle it tagged and marked every piece, in the order they removed it, while drawing it on a chart, so that when the Russians got it, they could simply go by the drawings and reconstruct it, just like a model airplane.

Unraveling a liberal crime or  requires this same sort of attention to detail. But don’t worry, you can do it. At home. But as Grumpy says, you need to join a team to do it effectively.

And what you will learn is that there are several layers and players to every lie, and while you can lop off the head of the lie, you can make it painful for those in the wings defending or prosecuting it.

Done in sufficient number, the main characters will find themselves disarmed as they try to push their lies in front of the microphone.

Consider these related examples.

Rachel Carson to Global Warming to Academic Fraud, a Fifty year trek

As you may know, Rush Limbaugh went on a rant in April about Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, published in 1962. That book was about the dangers of DDT, which only a few years earlier had earned the Swiss scientist who proved its effect on killing  mosquito larvae that carried malaria, a  Nobel Prize.  It was a godsend for humanity.

I have no idea what drove Miss Carson to write this book or undertake her faux-study; to save birds?, or like Margaret Sanger, kill off as many black people that she could? She died in  1964 never knowing that the environmental movement was born on the back of that book,  or that DDT would be banned ( by the new EPA in 1972). In those years (when I was in college) her book was required reading in several college courses, not just in science, but also English Literature. Rachel Carson had been networked into the Left’s pantheon of demigods.

Understand, all this was done before the internet and Netroots. The environmental movement was in its infancy in 1962. It didn’t marry into Big Government, EPA, until 1970. Pre-Watergate, the media was also less powerful then. There were no internet rug rats screeching over the airways to plow the row the way they do today. And even the academy was only beginning to be consumed by the Left. The Leftists were still graduate assistants then, not tenured professors and department heads.

The driving force behind Silent Spring and the environmental movement, then, was the same underground political Left that the HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) and Joe McCarthy were trying to root out.

They had been there since FDR and never left.

Fast forward. Since 1972 over 50 million Africans have died from malaria. Then, around 2000, it was revealed that almost all of Miss Carson’s data was fraudulent. Not wrong. Not erroneous, but out-and-out fraud.

What has been done about it? Well, to be fair, India has begun using DDT again, but mainly because they can afford to manufacture it themselves. They have a booming economy now. But sadly, Africa, as the Detroit of the United Nations, can’t even afford to buy camp stoves for their cooking culture, so getting DDT to clear out the malaria mosquitoes is nowhere to be found on Africa’s horizon. However, the UN does spend millions each year to keep the African people in the dark about these basic matters of  life and death, with the help of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Remember the old leftist adage, tell a lie over and over until it becomes the truth, then nothing can dislodge it?  Why hasn’t DDT been brought back on line? (There are several answers). Why hasn’t the perpetrators of the fraud been brought to “public justice”? (Public mockery) Why is Miss Carson still a god? She got her own stamp in 1981.

Why the truth is known, but not revealed is our fault, because we allow the lies to lie, which means, out of our sight, but within the confines of the left and the academy, it is reproducing and growing.

Our only way in is by first peeling the onion, which will lead us directly to

The Global Warming Fraud

You will find that almost all the modern Global Warming scams follow the same lines as the DDT scam, only there are more players and technologies to push it nowadays. Global warming started out as global cooling. But the evidence wasn’t chilling enough to be believed so they had to reverse gears. I was following the subject matter back when Carl Sagan and his colleagues were saying that essentially the same conditions that “cause” global warming today would have caused global cooling (nuclear winter) in the Reagan era. It was during the Clinton administration that they began coordinating this into a warming scam.

Today we all know the entire global warming science is a fraud. Still, it is the “official line”, not just festering, but breeding, attached to billions in research dollars. Solyndra was just one of the little bastards born of this hoax.

And so it goes on into the Academy.

General academic fraud at the taxpayer expense has become big business, not just in science, but in the soft sciences such as sociology, anywhere you can use the liars’ greatest analytical tool, statistics. Last year the US government gave away over $40 billion (BILLION) in science grants, which accounted for well over half most American university’s research budgets. Frauds in research, on a scale of Rachel Carson’s, are exposed every year, but generally without great sanction. Careers aren’t ruined, just set back.

Once upon a time men and women such as these would be sneaking to work in beat-up Datsuns, or serving tornados at the drive-thru at Taco Bell.

Finally, the conviction of Dr (sic) Kermit Gosnell for murdering accidentally-born babies in Philadelphia, and the hushed, hypocritical condemnation of Gosnell’s crimes by Planned Parenthood of practices it has fostered and protected for years, will immediately lead to states tightening the regulatory reins on abortion practices, a thing PP has resisted for years.

Those battles are heating up as we speak, the Left already constructing its multi-layered onion to defeat this  new onslaught of regulation. Every state will witness one of these waves.

Same onion.

So, as I’ve said before, it’s a target-rich environment. Follow Grumpy’s guidelines, form a group, listen closely to news releases and fine out who is pushing whatever leftist agenda is on the table that day. There will be blogs in support. Groups with names like “Citizens for Fairness and Social Justice for Accidental Mothers” or “Save the Millipede”, or “Protect the Pestiferous Wetlands of Guinea Bissau For Future Generations”  will be all over the place.

Those are the peels of the onion you can do battle with. Leave the out-front paid shills and lobbyists alone. By cutting them off at the wings you will dispirit them. You can blight their paths, even scare them, simply by tearing down their support networks, leaving them naked.

And yes, there will be an adjunct dark element to your campaign that no one will see, but everyone on the Left will feel.

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