Light & Dark Targeting of the Academy, a Strategic Overview

In other pieces I’ve outlined how 3-4 man teams can wreak havoc with the stray bad actor in a local government or the local grade school, and make sure they never take a bite out of that particular apple again.

Those will always be with us. Seeking them out and making them stop, or pay what-fer if they don’t, will be a never-ending mission.

But what about an academic department at the local university? What about a jack-booted department of political correctness, tasked with ensuring that codes of conduct are obeyed to the letter by students and staff alike, and that the rosaries of racial guilt are chanted ceaselessly.

Remember that kid at Florida Atlantic University who was suspended a couple of weeks ago?  Not because he refused to stomp on the name “Jesus” printed on a piece of paper, as ordered by his professor, but because he yelled “Ouch” too loudly when he refused, making it seem like he was threatening the professor.

Yeah, that kid. It was the PC-nazis, not the professor (sic), who gave him the boot. Yes, they were in cahoots, so now you also have an insight into how the system works.

What did the kid get? No real apologies. And only a little egg in the face of the university, not for being wrong, mind you, but for being taken out to the woodshed by the governor. Then it’s back to business as usual.

When incidences like this arise, they call for swift, dark alley reaction. But all we can accomplish, of course, is to take away that option away from the professor (sic) or the little nazis the next time. We may quieten them. We may make them look over their shoulders.

But I don’t see us winning any decisive battles that way.

For they will still be there. They will still be drawing nice paychecks, and fat retirement-plans-to-die-for, paid for by the same taxpayers who’re having their kids hog-tied and forcefed an even worse manure than what we could ever rub in their faces. And now that they’ve been caught redhanded, they’ll simply fine-tune the process, while in the meantime, the hazing action will simply move down the hall to Room 203, in Prof (sic) Incontinentia Buttocks’ class on Hallucinations and Lesbianism. Then we start all over again.

Taking on the entire university department is quite another matter.

No one has tried doing this, so there really isn’t a manual. But we’re working on it. But if you’re going to take on an entire university department, it requires a much larger, more coordinated and complex operation, with both Light and Dark assets involved. It’s like Stalingrad or the Warsaw Ghetto, a non-stop battle. So gird up for it before you do anything else.

How do you set such an organization up? Well, if you set the right objectives (ask the right questions, as Gen Eisenhower once opined), they actually just fall into place. The KISS principle still applies.

And that is the point I will make here. I’ll leave the details for a chapter at another time.

If you find an academic department that is made up of more wickedness than good, with Marxist ideology, power-mad political correctness, and aggravated John-Dewey-itch in every course description and textbook, whether in the Psych, Education, History, or English departments, then you have to already know that if you run one professor off, they will simply replace him with another.

You can’t win that way…

…unless you have made it abundantly clear “that kind” of professor will not be allowed to stay.

(This is the way many departments were taken over by the Left in the first place.)

This means your targets are really the people who do the hiring, which may take you all the way up the department head himself. Or herself. You have to carry out a war not just to depress, annoy and frighten the points-of-attack perps into finding a job in Connecticut, but to impress on a small coterie of on-lookers that they may want to reconsider the fundamental approaches used to teaching in this department in the first place.

So as a rule, you have to apply a total scorched-earth campaign, scrupulously avoiding the innocents in the department (every department has a few). Unrelenting Light and Dark warfare. Just ask yourself this one question:

What would it take to make an entire department unemployable?

If the department is under the thumb of Marxist theology, make sure everyone in the school’s administration office knows it. Daily. If Ayn Rand is correct, the university front office these days is either 1) simpatico with the Marxists, at least politely or indulgently so, or 2) indifferent to everything but the loud squeaky wheel and their own rice bowl.

Make sure the local community knows  it. Deluge local radio, not just local talk radio., but FM Rock and Country. Even Rap. That’s why God invented Twitter and Facebook.

Be that squeaky wheel, thus turning the front office against the sources of their aggravation. 75% of them will turn just to get some peace and quiet.

To effectively do this, you can’t be as the Left has become, race-baiters or potty-mouthed, smarmy storm troopers. They used to be good at their Alinsky-craft, but not anymore. You have to challenge their guiding premises, found in the in fine print of their texts, but also embedded in the course syllabus. Out think them. Use their shortcomings things against them, for they know they are breaking the rules, and the law.

Be bright. Be articulate. Know how to argue without using “Skippy” or “as everyone knows” or other trite repetitions. Learn to talk down without sounding like a father. More like a kindly old granddad. Trust me, it’s easier for a 30-year old to learn to talk like me than it is for me to learn to talk like a 30-year old.

Challenge the students as well as the teachers. You will find they have their own questions and their own gripes, but didn’t know anyone out there cared.

Although we are seeing more and more leftist profs acting as if they have won the war, Marxists are not really like the Germans, boastfully singing “Horst Wessell-Lied”. They want to boast, but in their hearts they are insecure (which no man ever accused a good Nazi of being), and just a little paranoid. So, every word out of their mouths contains an escape plan, as all but the most sociopathic of liars are. So make them stammer. Make them explain the unexplainable.

With this little bit of a schematic, I think you can engage and train at least 50, maybe 100, of like-minded who will work the magic of Light and Dark and declare total war on these people.

From this day forward, we’re all a work-in-progress. Just remember the basic lessons we’ve passed out on security in communications, and leave no fingerprints.

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