What to Do About the Big Lie?

You’ve heard Rush Limbaugh often speak of Leftists as living in an alternate universe. It’s true, they do.

But still we’ve tried to deal with them as if they were a part of our own universe, and approached them in the civilized manner of trying to convince them through reason, logic, and fact; you know, all the things they don’t believe in. (They are “atheistic” to all civilized rules and norms.) And if that doesn’t work, then we defeat them democratically through process. We try to isolate them so that they can do less harm.

Marquis of Queensbury rules all the way.

That has been America’s fair-play answer to the Big Lie for over a hundred years. And until the last thirty years or so, it always seemed to work.

The reason? Simple math. We were a big, big majority, in a moral nation, with a robust target-rich economy where merit and hard work are rewarded, and where lying is punished, lairs shunned, and crooks put behind bars.

Clearly, that math has changed. Those days are gone, sorry.

But while we may bear some blame as to how this great plague of lies has grown out of control, standing as it spread throughout our schools, we cannot take any blame for its root cause. That is as old as Beelzebub himself.

While the vast majority of American society had been working to improve their lives, this was never true of a tiny segment of our society.

Years ago, as a miniscule fractional minority, when they stood up and yelled “workers of the world unite” people around them noticed that their hands had never known labor, their stomachs want, nor their mirrors lack of an admirer. So they were generally laughed out of the room or off the soap box.

But they didn’t change because of this ridicule. They didn’t get with the program. While life went on in the real world. they sulked away back to their tiny corner of the underworld, and seethed. And they advocated and recruited with others of like minds, out of our sight and out of our mind.  And they planned and conspired. Only no one noticed.

And their numbers grew.

And with every new generation they would re-emerge, somewhat larger. They’d yell out the same lies from that same soap box, to be once again jeered and mocked back into their holes, where they would breed still more to try it one more time. Again and again. For half a century at least.

So, while we went on with civilized lives, like rats multiplying, hiding in plain sight, their universe got bigger and bigger, to the point today that Rush Limbaugh, in his twenty plus years on radio, has suddenly found himself going  from the inside-looking-out to the outside-looking-in.

Wot happened?

A few weeks ago we were treated to a beautiful expose of the Big Lie played on the legal front by Publius Huldah, proving in an indictment as convincing as a bank examiner’s testimony against an embezzler, the cynical disregard for truth by a Georgetown Law professor, who, acting under the color of his academic station, misquoted Madison about the powers of the people granted in the Constitution.

So, was Prof Randy Barnett at Georgetown Law publicly humiliated?  Chastised by his peers? Reprimanded? Given a leave of absence? Did he apologize?

No, of course not. He moved on without so much as a stumble in his step, and nary a peep of a mea culpa.

(If you want a very recent example of what that stumble might look like, please see Sen Ted Cruz’s examination of Eric Holder concerning the constitutionality of killing US citizens on US soil wuth drones. There you will see why the Left does not respond or debate. This is why leftists do not like any kind of unscripted two-way exchanges on their political,  ideological or even legal views. They lose. And they look foolish and stupid doing it.)

That is the nature of the Big Lie, and has been for years. Yet we do nothing about it.

In the 1950s Frederick Hayek noticed the same ability to lie without conscience by leftwing economists in both his own era  all the way back into the 19th Century. Like today, they ran through the same three-step process of  1) misstating facts in an academic journal or speech, then  2) once being outed in another academic journal or speech, ignoring it, and 3) under no professional compulsion to respond, suffering no consequences except perhaps gaining new supporters (for having defied the existing establishment)…then to repeat the process all over again, while by Alinsky rules, the Left has beaten to near death any truth moralists, ethicists and conservatives utter from the same podiums, with the exact reverse of those 3-step rules.

So, why do they get away with it over and over again?

As you can see, academicians and politicians, unlike soap-box rabble rousers and angry children, do not have to run off to a hole in the ground after being ridiculed. They live and work in a protective shell…and today can make room for as many as who may want to join them.

Today, they have become big enough to build sanctuaries for their lies, and it is those sanctuaries we have to tear down.

The Big Lie and the Wahr

The recent election proved that the Left uses the internet as a means of command and control, not just planting and growing lies. Few on the Right ever thought of the internet this way. We thought we could match their lies with irrefutable truths and win by acclamation. But 2012 proved this path to be quaintly Marquis of Queensbury and almost irrelevant. We vainly, (as in vanity) spent our time trying to impress each other with our superior skills of persuasion, only to an already converted choir, never really trying to persuade anyone who wasn’t already in our camp.

By contrast, by sheer numbers the Left could create and foster any “truth” they wanted to, then spread it to the four corners of America, always to new eager ears and eyes.  You see, they don’t need to argue and cajole when the public schools send them 11 million new recruits each year.

So how do we fight them?

First we have to understand their nature. The genesis of their lies. They clearly are not “lipstick on the collar”, CYA, or “if I get caught I get a spanking” liars. And in the numbers they now have, they are no longer inclined to crawl away if caught in their lie.

As I have said many times, they now control the public highway, and it is we who are darting down dark alleys and  side streets.

So they are there until we remove them from the public road and defeat then. Utterly.

In understanding this dark nature of the Left, my highest recommendation is W Cleon Skousen’s 1958 classic, The Naked Communist, still available and still inexpensive at any on-line bookseller.

Skousen went to the heart of Marx and Marxism to define who they are. He starts out by saying (paraphrasing), “It’s a terrible and awesome thing when a man sets out to create all other men in his own image”…

…only Marx arrogantly hoped to construct not men equal to himself but instead…

… visualized a regimented breed of Pavlovian men who could be triggered into action by signals from their masters.

He wanted a race of men who would no longer depend upon free will, ethics, morals or conscience for guidance. 

(Without realizing it,) Marx was setting out to create a race of human beings conditioned to think like criminals.

To understand Marx and true Marxism then you must first understand that we are not dealing with a political movement, nor an economic theory, nor a philosophy, not even a religion, but first and foremost, a delusional self-love.

If you want to defeat the Big Lie, you must fight it on this plane, where Reason, Ethics, even Truth are not applicable. Where only chase, evasion, capture and punishment work.

So if you study Marx to train yourself to defeat them by argument you will lose, for even with the smallest amount of study you will know more than most American leftists know about the subject. Marx is merely their violin. Me is the music. They are not following Marx so much as they are trying to emulate him.

Obama learned Marx at the foot of a genuine Stalinist as a child in Hawaii. What he came away with was a near-empty basket of Marxism, but a basketful of Marx, based on a resentment that fueled his self-love. Obama’s Marxism, and religion, is Me; all-power-t0-Me; not social justice, not workers’, gays’ or womens’ rights, not fairness, but Me, supplemented by a heavy dose of Get Even. The highest expression of American Marxism, the Brahmin Marxist, is to become Marx. (I’ll discuss Brahmin Marxism at another time.)

And they have reconstructed all the world, all history, all economics, all politics, in this self-image.

Our greatest problem is that whatever they’re selling, apparently a growing number of our college educated especially are buying it. In my generation, the Left could claim no more than 15%-20%, only, and this is key, in the soft sciences and liberal arts, they captured well over half of the A- and B-students. In the GenX’er generation, now in their late 30s-early 40s  (my children) this number discernibly grew, as did easy-to-acquire liberal arts degrees, while with Millenials they now can claim half of an entire generation…in large part because Marxists now had dibs on them from kindergarten on, mainly from one-parent homes.

What to do? What to do about the Big Lie? A Strategy.

Well, like you I believe there has to be a political way back to normalcy. I’m not for coups or grand conspiracies. Besides, only last week, Rand Paul proved that much can be done without raising one’s voice, proving that the political landscape is not as insurmountable as we might have thought only a few months ago. Time will tell.

And Sen Paul also proved much of the Left’s base is malleable about several points that distinguishes a true Marxist from the herd. The Left’s cannon fodder base haven’t gone all in (yet) with the hardcore  Marxism stuff. Undaunted leadership can still move mountains, so it will be interesting to see if McCain and the GOP Establishment can daunt these new overtures by our “Pioneers of the Future”.

So, we must win at the ballot box. Besides, we can’t just shoot them. Our character as a people requires that we stay civilized. But do not entirely exclude pain as a viable solution, if you consider having one’s mouth washed out with soap painful. Or a rolled up newspaper across the nose painful. Or other assorted indelicacies


Because if we take back the Congress, and the White House, and even turn the GOP Establishment to tail, that does not remove the principal problem of Marxism. What do we do with that by-now vast, unrepentant, criminally-minded Left?

Defeating them politically just means that some will go back to licking their wounds, making bombs in the basement (they have senior members who know much of these things) while every year there will be 11 million new souls to corral and start up with all over again. Their command-and-control Netroots will simply ramp up. For the last five years of the Bush administration we saw the Big Lie writ large when they were out of power, from Bush-Lied-to-People-Died to the Haditha “Massacre” to the Democrat Party-created financial collapse laid at Bush’s feet. And for context, remember that it was in 1971 that the now-Secretary of State John Kerry sat before Congress and lied (under oath) through his teeth about American atrocities in Vietnam…not one, not one of those charges ever remotely proved.

W Cleon Skousen understood all this over 50 years ago when there were scarcely 10% of the Marxist alienists there are now.

This will be a fight we will have to fight for at least twenty years, or longer, should we continue to concede the schools and pop culture to the Left and the State.

You’ll be happy to know I won’t lay out a strategy for accomplishing this now. It contains several elements, so will require a Part II in the coming days.

But that strategy will require putting the Left and its organization under a microscope, and within the context of what Skousen laid out, begin to peel away each of the constituent parts. And by peel away, I mean separate them from one another based on those one-or-two things about Marxism that most captures their soul. E.g., not all Marxists are megalomaniacs. And many are good followers and make good captains and non-com’s (something the GOP and conservatism is in dire need of. We have way too many self-appointed generals. While I understand, but hate, being outspent, I despise being out-planned, out-worked, and out-leadered by the Left.)

Like the “One Ring that binds them all” of Tolkein lore, there are however, some hot spots on which they all agree. For instance, they all seem to carry a grudge. Getting even controls much of their world view.

But so does getting away with it, and this is something we can do very much about. Almost all modern-day Marxists, at every level, from the grass roots Occupy nerd to the upper level GS-15 administrator in the Federal Reserve or a department head in a state university, think they can act with impunity. Prof Barnett at Georgetown proves that.

These things we can fix.

Now I think getting even is Van Jones’ raison d’etre, although I’m sure he sees a sweet position around the head table once the Marxists gain total power. But I don’t think he has a delusional self-love as Obama does.  That’s inside baseball anyway, since my strategy has nothing to do with directly assaulting the kingpins of power in government or the media.

But the top of the Marxist leadership is a thin veneer at best. The fat underbelly of Marxism, in the schools and universities, local political ward healers, even the media behind the face, producers and editors, are all fair game. And by pulling their wings, the butterfly can’t fly.

For they all fear a few things.

Skousen wrote about a dedicated criminal class that was only a tiny fraction of the population in 1958. Now they are in charge. Now they are up there on horseback while we’re afoot. Politics no longer can send them back to their holes. Winning elections can no longer make them afraid.

But fear and pain can.

Over the coming days I’ll lay out individual strategies and publish them here.


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