Is it Time For Flipping a Few Tables in Fairfax VA Election System?

If you don’t know, Fairfax County is the largest county in Virginia.  Right next to Washington City, naturally, it is also the most corrupt, and by “corrupt” I mean Cuyahoga County/Cleveland corrupt. Democrat machine politics corrupt. Jim Moran corrupt, whose son was busted a few days before the election showing people how to produce fraudulent proofs of residence which in 2012 (the last time we hope) were still legal substitutes for photo ID’s.

And now, consider what has happened in North Carolina, where, after the Dems were kicked out of the state house in 2012, and squeaked by an electoral win for Romney despite all DEM-OFA plans to the contrary, it was revealed thousands of votes had been illegally registered in NC, with the help of members of North Carolina state government, linking up with, you guessed it, Obama For America operatives.

Since the offended parties there, The People, are not currently in charge of the federal government, don’t look for federal indictments in this case unless Holder can arrange for $50 fines to be levied instead of the 1-5 prison terms afforded by North Carolina law.

But the stench of voter fraud continues to waft throughout America, and reports coming out of Fairfax, Virginia on election day were some of the worst.

So enter the recent  case of Hans von Spakovsky, (read carefully) a sitting member of the Fairfax Board of Electors. Hans is also a Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. He was up for re-appointment, so had sat on the Board for three years, having voted with the other two member 21 our of 24 times.

In any case, when his name was resubmitted for a second term, the two other electors appealed to the panel of judges who appoint these board members, arguing against his reappointment.

Yeah, this is pure politics, and the Fairfax judiciary has corrupted itself by allowing themselves to be used in this manner. Mostly Democrats, however, I’m sure they are used to this level of jurisprudential sluttery.

It’s my wish the Governor’s office and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will get involved to overturn a flagrant political act, and maybe slap a few hands in the Fairfax GOP, which, I assume is not exactly the bastion of constitutional conservatism.

So, for you, if you want to be angry, get angry at the Fairfax GOP, for under Virginia’s constitution two of the three Board members have to be of the political party then sitting in the governor’s seat in Richmond. This presumes then that one of the two members who appealed von Spaskovky’s re-appointment was also Republican. The Chairman, Seth T Stark, is a Democrat, appointed in 2011, and practices law in Bethesda, another state altogether. Carl Ann Coryell is the other member, a clinical psychologist and Republican.

I don’t know the inside politics of the county, but the Democrats and Left were up in arms when von Spakovsky was first appointed in 2010, based on his pedigree alone. So they were laying in wait.

If just one of the three members (the Democrat) can appeal von Spakovky’s re-nomination, that’s one thing. Cuccinelli should  have been on the job with that one last week.

But if Ms Coryell joined in the appeal, inquiring Republicans, well maybe Gov McDonnell and General Cuccinelli only, but most assuredly conservatives, would like to know. What role did she play in this calumny?

I’m not sure judicial appeal is available in this case. Virginia has several counties with RINO Republicans on their Boards of Electors as well as County Registrars, which may explain why it was so easy to swipe again in 2012 which was so easy to do in 2008 under then Democrat Governor Tim Kaine.

While I’m all for turning over as many tables as I can flip in the Temple to Baal that serves as headquarters of the federal government, but under the old rule that you should never get angry at dogs for being dogs, I’d be wanting to look at the tables inside the Fairfax GOP first.

Just saying.


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