The purpose of Obamacare is to pull $20,000 per year out of the income of every American household. For the middle class that means a loss of 30%-60% of their total income, thus rendering them almost as immobile as 9th Century European serfs.

There simply will no longer be a middle class, except the government service, who will be protected. The state class will become the middle class.

And that is just the point.

The purpose of Obamacare is not intended to improve the delivery or quality of medical services, for both will spiral downward, at a drastic rate. Nor will the cost go down. 70% minimum of medical costs in this country will go to bureaucrats who administer it, the rest to the abysmal care that will actually be delivered.

Within 30 years over half the hard-to diagnose ailments in America today will be undiagnosable except for the state class and corporatist rich, who will have their own doctors. All the skills at diagnosis and treatment that exist today will have died off, for there will no longer be any incentive to go to medical school, when all that awaits is a $35/K a year job. This generation of physicians will be replaced by government-educated physicians who will have the equivalent education of a first year med student today, capable only on treating colds and dispensing pills that a computer tells them to dole out. They will have 30 hour work weeks, and take long lunch breaks, as all other unions do.

Infant mortality will rise to levels higher than it exists now inside the womb, which will also rise. Only no government statistic will report it.

Likewise will the elderly be encouraged to die, again without benefit of anyone outside a 100-mile radius ever knowing they had been sick, or denied proper care. And the definition of elderly will diminish almost to the age of retirement, which will continue to climb. When the mortality age drops to below 70, things will level out.

This is all be according to plan.

Obama has already put 20% of the small business sector out of business. Those businesses are not going to come back. They were never intended to come back. Obamacare will get rid of another 50% in the next decade. The rest will attrite or return to the old pre-war neighborhood mom-and-pop petty bourgeoisie tinkers, tailors, candle-stick makers, all of whom will have to live over the shop once again.

If things go according to plan, once our generation dies off, within forty years there will be no memory in America of the sort of medical care we get today. The next generation will never know what they have missed.

That too is the Plan. These are not unintended consequences. This was always the plan. To bring a free people to their knees, all because medical care is more important than any other thing, including freedom.

So it will be that the system of government we’re seeing being erected today will finally collapse of its own weight at about the same time the last person living today dies who can remember what the old free life used to be like.

A brave new world, indeed.

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