Exposing the Democrats’ Fine Print to Democrat Voters

Like most Americans, since Nov 7 Rush Limbaugh has been struggling with the new reality that the “takers” (Ayn Rand more aptly called them “looters”), aka know-nothing voters, may now out-number the hard working Americans who support them.

Normally lazy and slow-witted the Democrats have found two solid incentives to bring them out to vote; one, getting even, and two, free stuff.

As Rush points out correctly, you can’t beat free stuff with high minded platitudes.

I don’t entirely agree that these people actually outnumber us, but by gypping 2%-3% in various key swing states, they do come close. And whether by hook or by crook, they are now in political command of the entire United States, all the way up to your front gate, where by the way, you might consider adding a little security. This is a Bad Thing.

This new reality reminds me of a universal law of socialism that goes back to its earliest days, and which we saw Hugo Chavez validate only a few months ago: “Once we gain power by the ballot box, we will make sure no one will ever be able to remove us from power in the same way.”

I first heard this from a socialist lawyer, in 1969, and I have no doubt this is the Democrat’s intent. For more or less secure in this notion, that seems to be the direction the Democrats are headed, thinking no one can really stop them. No one can turn it around, they think. But thanks to Ronald Reagan and GHW Bush, that rule has been disproved once, as I’ll detail below.

Limbaugh concluded, rightly so, that there’s no way a Republican can come out and preach platitudes about self-respect, work, virtue and the blessings of liberty among the poor and wretched of Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Washington half of all America,  and expect to win when there are freebies on the table. A child needs to first learn virtue and self-worth at mommy and daddy’s knee, then have it reinforced in Grade 1 thru 4 for the seed to take root, but government-union public schools set that kind of teaching aside two generations ago. Mom and Dad aren’t doing such a hot job either, since almost 50% of American homes don’t have both.

Today, it seems even God, including common morality, decency, truth and honor, have to take a back seat once free stuff is put on the table.

This is not new. The Democrats have been selling the same line to the uneducated and poorer people of America that Lenin, Mao, the Luminoso, Sandanistas, Chavezistas had been using for a century. It’s called “redistribution”, which is one part getting even, and one part lots of free stuff.

In Latin America it’s 10 acres, a mule and a hut, with some talk of running water. But in America, it’s a flat screen, Obamaphone, free medical and dental, even a free ambulance to the ER for a sore toe, designer glasses, a debit card for free food; chips, Nehi Orange and moon pies, even free rent, and some talk of a job.

But in other ways the two are amazingly similar, for the Democrat/socialist promise is ” We’ll take from the rich and give it to you” …then under their breath, “less our 60% management fee, of course.”

This hidden handling charge (average 60%) is just one of many clauses found in the fine print of the socialist Democrat contract with the down and out of the world they aren’t aware of.

But unlike the Central America illiterate landless peon, in America they first had to be made poor, or be made to think they are, or to be made victims, or to made to think they are. Americans aren’t naturally a landless people like the peons of Mexico, for any American could own a home simply through hard work.  A job and a down payment, and it takes about 5 years to save up. It really is that simple.

Nor are we naturally illiterate. And higher education was always seen as a path to better pay, which incidentally is being taken away from the new poor, unless it is in government approved fields.

No American is poor by any stretch of the imagination…except in spirit. But it’s here the Democrats have worked assiduously for fifty years to fatten them up for the kill, so to speak. I can think of nothing to kill the spirit of a person easier that combining envy and gluttony, then leading one with a carrot.

Well, America’s finally there, a near-majority of deadbeat layabouts and their keepers, if you include the state class who must tend to their daily care and feeding. Democrats now believe that they can win every election simply giving away more free stuff, while tapping out as many as they need, to fatten the state class, by putting some in charge of passing even more goodies. Feed the beast to feed the beasties.

Having crossed this tipping point where the Democrats can actually grow their voter-base by hundreds of thousand each year, they can now envision never ever losing power again. At least not via the ballot box.

And yes, we the American builder and worker paid for every penny of this outrage. Krushchev said it best: We gave the Democrats the rope to hang us with.

So Rush Limbaugh is correct to then ask:  If the people who have a vested interest in getting freebies outnumber the people who pay for them, how can the real workers ever gain power again…via the ballot box?

We already know there are other ways to undo socialist regimes. 1776 and all that comes to mind. But hear Mr Limbaugh out, for he has a point in looking for a way to take the country back at the ballot box. He suggests a grand marketing strategy which, even he admits, no Republican would ever try.

But a Conservative might.

It would require a massive assault on the bastions of Democrat power, not to mention American cultural degradation.

It would require some candidate to stand up and tell the dependency class of America, “We’re coming to take you away”. And when they ask, “Why should we give all this free stuff up?” then point out to them the fine print of the contract they have made with the Devil Democrats, and say “Here’s why.”

I’m not here to suggest a good way, or better way, but rather the ONLY way we can take back the Republic via the ballot box. Rather than do the chicken-s**t Republican thing and try to suppress their vote or simply write them off, go into the lion’s den to save them.

The Fine Print

I just gave you an example of the Democrat fine print, above, when I outlined the cut the party and government take for delivering these services to their constituents, 2-3- even 4 times more than the rate the houseman takes in running a poker tournament, or for that matter, even God, Who still only asks for a tenth, for all His blessings.

Consider the fine print of the Democrats’ contract even further, for it has been universally offered to the down and out of the world since Lenin:

1) You can have all sorts of free stuff, but you have to show up to vote when we say so. You can get a job, but only so long as you don’t aim too high and try to move away. You can become educated, but again, we’ll tell you how high you can dream. And we’ll tell you what you should learn.

2) Where you live is where you live. If you want the free stuff, you have to live where we decide. If you live in a hole, we will help you clean it, adorn it with nice furniture and appliances, and keep your refrigerator full. And you will be provided secure padlocks to protect your belongings. You will have everything you can ask for or will need…except for a ladder out.

In your house you will be safe. If you go out, you’re on your own.

3) And we will educate both you and your children, but they will only be taught what we decide they should be taught. We will tap out the best athletes and students which we can guide into programs that suit the Party’s needs. The others will left to their own devices. There are only so many jobs in the state sector, and fewer still in the private sector.

Not to sound impolite, but this contract has been in effect in the United States since the Johnson administration. LBJ proudly took credit for it since, as he said, it secured the black vote for the Democrat Party forever. So far, he’s been right. In my lifetime I have yet to see even one Republican attack this Democrat Party apartheid head-on.

The Commission

Whether a laid-off worker, who, after 99 weeks and not feeling too good about himself, and thinking maybe this free stuff ain’t so bad as a permanent life-style, knowing he can pick a few extra bucks raking lawns or buying and selling at the flea market on weekends, all tax free mind you…

…or a young kid just out of college kid just itching for a 5 x 5 cubicle in some government office building at $27,500 inputting data about mortgage loans…

…it might serve the country and the Conservative candidate better if you show them with pictures and hard talk about just what awaits them, according to the fine print. Tell them of all the things they’ll never be able to do. Ever. Tell them, no matter where they are, they will still be at the bottom of that hole, and by law, they will never be provided a ladder out. It will never get any better.

Finally, tell them about who really gets rich in this scheme, the people who are raking off 60% of the pile and keeping it for themselves.

Then, as the final kicker, tell them about the Perpetuity Clause in the Democrat contract.

(This clause is what what booted out the Americas’ only communist dictator by the ballot box in history. And Ronald Reagan and GHW Bush can take credit for it. You see, Bianca Jagger be damned, the people of Nicaragua threw Daniel Ortega out of power in 1992 even though the Nicaraguans had previously had agreed to the socialist contract terms he laid out, just like the above.)

But those poor ignorant, landless peons understood a thing that America’s fat, sassy, and loaded poor, not to mention the guileless Republican Party, missed altogether. The fine print that undid socialism in Nicaragua was the simple clause, barely readable even with a magnifying glass:

“This contract shall also apply to your children and your children’s children.’

It ain’t never gonna get any better than this, Baby, not now, and not in the lives of your children or your grandchildren.

The people of Nicaragua responded with a resounding “Hell, no” and I’m betting so would America’s poor if they were told the same,  just-so.

Go tell those folks these things, Conservative candidate, with pictures and proof (60 years worth) and those people will leave as quickly as you can throw that ladder down that hole.

And you will be doing God’s work in the process.


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