Resistance to Illegitimacy, A Way Forward

Now, I’ve already said that I don’t think Mitt Romney simply lost on Tuesday. To believe otherwise would betray what I have seen with my own eyes. I can’t believe those 30,000 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania on election eve were just a bunch of Mormons bussed in from Provo, or that the 200 who showed up to see Stevie Wonder in Cleveland the day before was just a head fake to disguise the 400,000 who would show up to vote the next day.

Within 24 hours of the election we were being walked down a path of incredulity, asked to set aside our ability to discern and think critically and to accept the new reasoning…unexpected youth vote (under 19), surprisingly high turn-out among the Democrat base (down 10 million), the slut vote…from the same experts who told us Romney would win, and possibly win big only days before.

However, you don’t have to believe me on this.

Everyone of us has to work out in his/her own mind how best to make our way forward after this stunning loss. I’m in the “we wuz robbed’ crowd, while most of you are in the “what’s become of my country?” lamentations crowd.

Many of you are inclined to simply drop out, and for reasons having to do with what lay in store ahead, I’d say you’re right. There is much in all our nests that will need tending the next year or so, for we are about to enter dark, uncharted waters.

But many of you will look to the next election (2014) and the next (2016) and simply tighten your belt and say, “Here we go again!” then begin laying up stores for a long electoral siege as we just came through in 2010-2012. Check in with me again in about a year, for I think you may change your minds, and while you may not accept my assertion that Romney was robbed, you will be less inclined to accept that all we’ll need is more guts and glory and the whole voter-turnout thing to turn this country around.

My reasoning on this is simple, actually.

For two years, thanks in large part to Lady Penguin, we’ve put together a healthy profile of Barack Obama, as well as the thuggery of the Democrat Party, as we witnessed with Obamacare in ’09. During the campaign Romney ads kept saying re-electing Obama would mean four more years of the same old thing, but in truth, no longer facing re-election, Mr Obama will no longer have to play nice, and with a compliant Senate, will never have to fear any real political recriminations for any misdeeds in office…including naked criminality, which he’s approaching in the Benghazi debacle. Obama knows this. So should you.

So, no, the next four years, actually, the first 18 months, will prevue a quickening, including a second recession, possible failure of the dollar, and a near collapse of the private energy sector. And under a president who doesn’t have to be there patting us on the back anymore, “There, there, now, good times are just ahead” as he did this past year. He will be a president who no longer has to care. He and the Congress have no need to be afraid of anything…and the only real political power the People will have will be to make them afraid.

If I’m right, and someone doesn’t discover the multi-layered tentacles of the methodology of the election fraud very soon, Democrats will never have to worry about losing power through an election ever again. They can pick winners and losers as they wish, just so long as enough of the GOP gets to hang around to make it all look sort of normal. The scheme has been choreographed to near perfection.

And the narrative to protect this contest had already been set into place, with the help of all the beltway minds, right and left, for next time, if the tea parties are super-active again, it will be 3m establishment Republicans who will stay at home, but if the GOP presents another moderate squish (Romney wasn’t one, but note how quickly he became one on Day 2) then the conservatives will stay home. They will always come up just 2-3 million votes short.

The excuse for GOP failure has already be set into stone, and they’re all in on it, from FoxNews to MSNBC. They’re all part of a game-within-a -Grand Game. As we saw with both Fast and Furious and Benghazi, Fox can scoop the whole world, and carry a narrative forward that is near criminal and treasonous in scope, still, they all know nothing will ever come of it. No arrests, no trials, no resignations in shame, no impeachment. Just outrage, and an angry electorate who will always come up 3 million short. Come 2016, no change in real power. Just theater.

So, if the election was a fraud, then so were the past four years, while we all worked very hard to raise an army, to achieve something that had already been decided. America’s last free election was 2008, not 2012.

In the cold light of dispassion, as a general might look upon a battlefield defeat, striving to regroup, and strike out again, we have to acknowledge that perhaps mere public action and enthusiasm no longer may matter if an honest ballot box is being denied us.


From where the sun now stands, I consider the current government to be illegitimate.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God“- B. Franklin.

As in 1775 we are now nothing more than free men and women confronting a tyrant from a foreign land, who has invaded our country and occupied our Land.

We must act accordingly. My chosen way forward is immediate, firm resistance. I suggest you consider it also, and suggest you consider ways you can personally, as an army of one, wreck and deny their plans.

Henceforward I will no longer bother to organize for political action, looking to win some unattainable election, but rather resist and wreck, which I can do daily. In 2008 we started out as the tools of political change, but today we become tools of obstruction…from small towns to the halls of Congress.

Henceforward we will fight to protect our personal freedoms and liberty, our moral choices, all our listed rights in the first eight amendments to the Constitution, just as if the enemy were at our front gate, while seeking support from the Tenth  to offer territorial support Like Robert E Lee, our allegiance will be to the state capital, not Washington City. (This shelter not currently available in CA, NY, WA, OR, IL, DE, NJ, MA, CT, RI and VT.)

And we will make them afraid…not because they can see and hear us, but because they cannot.

(The Partisans, Verestchaguine)

In other words, we have to change the way we do things.  I know we all have to tend to our own nests;  it’s natural, as it was for the patriots of 1776, to hunker down, to protect and feed kith and kin first.

Everyone will have to assess his/her own risks and rewards in this regard. Now that we have a clearer idea of what lay ahead, we will be better able to manage our time differently. No more conferences, less time on blogs or watching the news. Even Fox. I turned Fox off at 10 PM Tuesday night and will not turn it back on. Sorry, Charles, but I can keep up with current events elsewhere. I don’t want inside-the-game commentary anymore.

In this new reality political blogs will become almost irrelevant. I’ll have more on this later as might concern UnifiedPatriots, but the individual blogger/ranter should simply go back home to share with his closest friends. Rants no longer matter. Outrage no longer matters, as that will be our force-fed daily meal for four more years anyway. What we can’t do is let them hear us choke on the gruel.

A kind of samizdat network will spring up much like the tea parties, informally, often using the language of the Jews of the Middle Ages, with hidden meanings, subtle undertones, laced with a staunch, unbending fidelity to the courage, strength of spirit and honor that binds us all. Part of our wrecking will be to teach and un-teach, and less to preach.

Of course, there will still be groups out there who will pursue the larger political aims of conservatism (I like Freedom Works), voices such as Limbaugh, and institutions such as Heritage and Hillsdale, and it will be interesting to see how their messages change to meet the challenges of this new reality. But so many, in just two short days, have been rendered as useless as teats on a boar hog, and I am trying assiduously to unsubscribe to many, forgetting that I never subscribed to most in the first place.

Virtue, not budget battles, will guide us, until that day when some governor steps forward and says “No” and shillelagh law becomes all the rage from Knoxville to El Paso. It will likely happen. Look for it. Washington will find it a tough slog to push its agenda thru in many states, especially once it finds out the courts can’t help it.

In the end, and I think that end will arrive before 2016, the seamless fabric of America will be rent. No society can “long endure” that is composed of an equal number of producers and workers, and takers; certainly not a free one.

Good vs Evil, redux, and yes, Evil blinks.

There are two natural orders at contest in America, the ancient order, that of kings and their retinue, (I Samuel) who survives on the sweat of others, and the second one, forged by God’s hand in which the common man is in charge, his rank attained by his work, sweat and skill, and a guaranteed sovereignty over the people he elects to provide him with government services.

How and how soon this struggle will be settled is in doubt, but that it will be settled in favor of God’s handiwork there is not doubt.

And it’s my belief that resistance, not elections, will first decide the outcome.



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