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While Obama Says Romney Lies About What He Will Do Tomorrow…

…Romney says Obama lies about what he did yesterday.

Only one can be proved. The other is an attempt at clairvoyance.

I’ll spare you the math, but Obama’s contention is that the continuation, or making permanent, the Bush tax cuts will be a NEW tax cut even though he approved at least three extensions of those tax cuts himself.

Obama’s notion of a tax cut will for the tax structure to remain the same.

See the new Obama ad here:

With an additional 4-5 million people re-reemployed, and new businesses once again investing in the future, tax revenues will skyrocket, the deficit moving steadily downward. This we know. This was proved by Arthur Laffer and his curve during the Reagan Administration.

Romney is wise not to promise too much, as there is much out there to do, and no one, NO ONE can accurately pre-assess a dynamo once let loose.

Although Obama insists he knows what is in Romney’s heart about those “tax cuts for the rich,” circumstantially, at least, we can guess what is in his…that the last thing he ever wants to see is a repeat of the Reagan recovery, where both hope and change are turned on their ears.

Obama says Romney is lying about what he will do tomorrow, while Romney say Obama is lying about what he did yesterday.

Only Romney can prove his case.

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