Obama Lied About How His People Died

( I honestly don’t think Obama understands that these are “his people,” but that’s just how he rolls.)

Some lies are merely outrageous.

Some lies are scandalous.

And some lies are crimes.

Barack Obama has told them all.

From the beginning, September 11, a little over two weeks ago, when members of Al-Qaida in Libya stormed the US consulate in Benghazi, laid down mortar and RPG attack, then killed, (after torturing and some say sodomizing) Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his volunteer body-guards, it was known in the White House, it was known at the CIA, it was known at the State Department, and Department of Defense, that the attack had been planned and carried out with military precision.

It was not a spontaneous mob reaction to a video pre-released by the US Embassy in Cairo a few hours earlier. Please bookmark the time line provided by EPU here at UP as to what happened, and when.  This way you will be more informed than every Democrat and 98% of all the bureaucrats inside the various federal action agencies, who only know what there is a need for them to know.

(Note, the first knowledge of any Arab, in any Arab country, about that video came as a result of the pre-protest apology issued by the US Embassy in Cairo. In all likelihood, no Arab in any Arab country ever saw, and has still never seen that video, making them very gullible and stupid, and therefor good potential Democrat voters if they only find a way to get them registered.)

Knowing at least that embassy people were dead, but not knowing Ambassador Steven’s fate, Obama went on to bed, at about 10 PM, leaving it up to his own staff to come with an exit strategy for this fiasco the next morning.

Was this incompetence or indifference?

Obama’s early-to-bed routine, of course, was indifference. As a diplomatic or strategic, or national security consideration, he was not interested. Even on the human scale of tragedy, he was indifferent. But for Obama, this is also routine.

But for the rest of his staff, we are forced to guess, inasmuch as this Administration has exhibited truck loads of both, up to and including “shooting before getting the facts.”

What I know, and what military people worldwide know, on days such as 9/11 it was SOP that commands go to a higher level of alert. The same heightened awareness existed on the anniversary of the Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon, and went all the way back to Tet in Vietnam.

The Scandal

So notices did go out.

And even though Obama voted his regular “absent” at the daily morning national security briefing, the fact that 9/11 chatter had increased, and that something was in the wind about some sort of action, this higher sense of alert was (or should have been) available to all the action officers at State, CIA and Defense who sit at those briefings as well.

Even if the White House was shut down on national security matters until after the holidays, the other agencies still are expected to have all hands on deck.

The only problem is: NO hands were on deck in Libya. There security, if anything was more lax than it was at the 7/11 on Wilshire Blvd, that was knocked over the night before where $37 and some change was taken.

This is inconceivable, and were it not for the fact it was overseen by the same boobs who fashioned Fast and Furious, Solyndra, and caused the BP oil spill to be three times worse than it needed to be, it is as incompetent (or indifferent) a prevention to a known threat that anyone can imagine.

But Obama’s and Hillary’s response surpassed all expectations for cravenness.

You have to scratch your head as to how people who can so lazily doze through warnings of terror threats (this time realized) can so quickly move to warp speed to concoct a lie to cover that fact up.

It was some weirdo’s fault in California, they said. His name Nazouli, who is now in federal custody on a parole violation.

The Obama/Hillary lie came unraveled even before they could get it out there, for the Libyan government was saying all along that this was a planned attack and not spontaneous mob action. But in true-to-the-colors fashion they stuck to it, requiring Susan Rice, UN Ambassador, and several White House and State spokespeople to go out and lie through their teeth for a few days, then have to find a way, on their own, to walk back the deception. (I don’t think Susan Rice has yet resurfaced, and no doubt was not in on the lie when she first told it with such force. She may change her vote next month.)

The Crime

But walking it back was political. It was not strategic. There was no national security interest being protected with the lie. Nor was it diplomatic. Just three days ago Barack Obama, in a speech to the UN, even as his staff were doing their red-faced backward three-step, was still regaling the General Assembly with the same soft-shoe about some weirdo in California, and all the disrepute he’d brought to the United States, and risk to world stability. He talked to that assemblage as if they were as stupid as the rent-a-crowd he speaks to out on the stump in places like Cleveland. But they knew it was all theater, not unlike things they all have had to say from time to time on their own national television.

But in the carrying forward of the lie about some poor schlub named Nazouli in LA who filmed an unflattering portrait of Mohammed (we actually haven’t seen proof of this) he and Hillary have now condemned him to death. For a bounty has now been placed on him. Actually, several, not to mention the number of Arabs who would now kill him for sport, or honor and recognition.

Yes, the guy doesn’t have a chance.


This is how you turn a simple just-let-me-get-some-sleep-we’ll-fix-it-in-the-morning lie into an invitation to murder. That a bounty has been put on the head of this poor man is the direct result of the rapid fire blaming of the riots and murders on this man’s and his film and have now set the Middle East ablaze an additional two weeks.

When he is eventually shot, or beheaded, and the prize collected, it will be Obama and Hillary who will have blood on their hands…and I pray, when the new administration takes office, a subpoena will be pinned to their ass. (Kind of hard to miss Miss Hillary’s.)

And for what? Politically, Obama has already lost on this issue, no matter what the polls say. When the American Embassy in Tehran was taken in 1979, and the Ambassador there killed as well, not a single public word of outcry was raised against Jimmy Carter. Bad luck, the media stated.

Then for 444 straight days, Walter Cronkite began his nightly news with “America Held Hostage..Day 179, etc.” reminding every American of Carter’s woeful eyes and expressions of helplessness, his new bunker mentality, even though none of it was his fault.

So, when news of Ambassador Stevens’ death hit the street, 95% of the American people never read down below the fold for details as I’m laying out here. No one paid attention to the film story. The vast majority of readers simply fit the crime to the man at the helm, and silently thought “It figures.”

Unlike the Benghazi incident three weeks ago, Carter didn’t cause the Embassy takeover in Tehran, nor did he really fail by not ending it. He really had few options. But America had been made a laughing stock by a gang of religious nutcakes and Americans hated that. Somebody had to pay. Every day Jimmy Carter symbolized America-as-loser, and most Americans found that repugnant. They still do.

The pollsters missed that element of voter sentiment entirely in 1980.

Americans feel the same for Barack Obama today, a boy woman who wrings his hands, and lies to cover up even the slightest miscalculation or error in judgment, which sometimes brings about greater harm to others.

Obama has other crimes to stand accountable for, including the assassination of an American citizen (then bragging about it) for one. Someone has made a list.

But his chickens are coming home to roost.

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