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An Assassinated Ambassador, Just One More Problem on Obama’s Dither List

Yesterday (Dunes time), angry mobs climbed over the walls into the US Embassy compound in Cairo, tore down the American flag, burned it, then replaced it with the black flag of Al Qaeda.

(From EPA’s Khaled Elfiqi via Breitbart)

Before you could blow out the candles on your third birthday cake, AP, Reuters, the Beebs, US media all had the storyline straight:

…that some dude (later revealed to be an Israeli Jew living in California) had made a film derogatory to the Prophet Mohammed. If you didn’t know the Muslims get sore about that sort of thing, ask Salman Rushdie, who’s been in hiding for writing an unflattering book about Mohammed since 1988, or the Danish cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, who depicted Mohammed, the Prophet (Blessed be his name) as a wild and crazy guy.

But Obama’s state department tipped their hand by apologizing to the Egyptians for that film before people stormed the embassy. A tip-off? A staged protest? Who knows? But someone let the protesters into the outer compound, they didn’t climb the outer wall. Who? Sure wasn’t the Marines. But no one in that crowd knew anything about any Jew film-maker, and instead chanted, “There are one billion Osamas, Obama”.

Who told the media the cover story? Before the story?

It does sound like maybe Egyptian President Morsi was sending Obama a signal to cool it with the “I killed Osama” end zone dance. 9/11 has an altogether different meaning for Egyptians than it does for Americans.

It also seems 9/11 was already planned to be a day of retribution by Ayman al- Zawahir a couple of months ago, as payback for the killing of one of his key operatives.

Where do the media get their intel these days?

Which brings us to Libya and another of Obama-installed governments. Crowds gathered there to set the American consulate in Benghazi ablaze. A Libyan government team arrived to lead Ambassador Stevens and his security team to a predesignated safe house, where, once there, the Libyan team told the mob where they could find Stevens. His team was shot, Stevens was smothered. (Press said it was smoke from the fire at the other building.) Then he was carried away like a sack of potatoes (some enterprising Libyan filmed it with a cell phone he got from his AFDC check in Dearborn) to be paraded before the angry throngs. (Shades of Clinton with Black Hawk down in Somalia.)

So, Obama beats it to a microphone and camera to denounce this mean killing (er, assassination) having to be drug away from something more important, I’m sure, and will machine sign his regrets to Ambassador Steven’s family in a few days when the body is returned.

But today Obama’s, and Joe Biden’s, responses have been much more forceful, now that Mitt Romney has spoken with the angry gravitas we expect from a president. “Justice will be done, no matter which end of the earth we have to go, gonna get those sumbitches.”, so sayeth Friar Joe.

The media appropriately embarrassed for having gotten virtually every fact about these stories wrong from the first, citing God-knows what sources, since not one single person in Egypt knows about any film slandering the Prophet, (Blessed be his name) and having once again got caught in failing Homework 101, they must now cover Obama’s arse, as he sits down to discuss with Morsi and the Libyan leadership council about finding and bringing to justice the criminals responsible for these heinous crimes.

It will be like OJ setting out on that 10 year quest to find his wife’s killers…searching all the country clubs of America.

So, a compliant media will just let this story fade away, no killers ever brought to justice, no closure for the families, nor the American people, just one more slap across the chops by the same people whose ring Obama kisses.

But there are three, not one, flies in Obama and the media’s buttermilk. First, anyone who knows the “Arab in the street” knows, once there is blood, bounty and booty to be had, it’s not that easy to turn off the spigot. It’s like herding cats. And 2), while state department employees inside both compounds may know more than they can ever afford to let on, along with their twitter-partners back in Washington, the US military knows everything. And they are making a list and checking it twice.

Poor Obama just can’t catch a break. After four dithers he finally decides to have bin-Laden offed, then dithers not one extra minute to scamper around the end zone once the deed was done, resulting in the get-even deaths of 30 seals outside Kabul, when if he had done his job correctly, no American today would still have ever heard of Seal Team 6.

But that wasn’t enough, he had to turn his end zone dance for killing Osama into a full blown parade down Main Street in Charlotte, which it turns out was just a damned sight too close to downtown Cairo, considering it was only a week before Egypt’s unofficial day of celebration for the achievements of the selfsame Osama bin Laden, on September 11.

Likewise Obama’s adventures in Libya, where he dithered in bringing military night to bear in Libya, prolonging a 10-day war into three months, and dithered in vetting the coalition membership for Al Qaeda-radical allegiances, which often occurs when one dithers from the rear.

But perhaps worse, he dithered thrice (before the cock crowed) about two horrible words, “Jerusalem” and “God” so that now, neither Arab nor Jew knows if he was for it before he was against it, or against it before he was before it.

So about that third fly, just like America’s military, the Israelis know.

This fact alone should be enough for Americans to take heart.

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