Trying to Tap America Out

What your high school Beta Club, the Boy Scout’s Order of the Arrow, and the Marxist management class all have in common is that you have to be “tapped out” in order to get in.

Many Americans are scratching their heads as to why so many people seem willing to sell themselves into serfdom, literally sheep to the slaughter, but the answer isn’t hard. They have been trained to accept these conditions almost from the womb, only “serfdom” is not the term they would use. They only find out long after it is too late, that 1) they didn’t really like it all that much, it denied them much more than they had bargained for, and 2) they didn’t really know it was to be forever. It was only supposed to be for a little while, they were told.

This process is by a system of tappings out that begins in the womb, and has been developed into a magnificently evil machine the past fifty years.

To remind you, America is a case of first instance for Marxism. It has ordinarily been dedicated to making sure people can never have what we already have in the first place here. Most people of the world have no memory of freedom except in their dreams, so the standard Marxist contract has been with the landless and poor, the hard-working and underpaid, the proletariat, the uneducated and ignorant.

What all those people dream of is what Americans have and can do without asking for permission.

The average American has access to more things, at better prices, with less hassle, from single-unit housing to cars, roads, guns, food, and opportunity than 80% of the people of Europe, much less the world. And most Americans still pause to give thanks for these blessings from time to time, which most of the world long ago discarded.

The only people who don’t know this are about half of the American people, the tapped out, the Pavlovian victims, and that’s what this election is all about.

You see, the Marxists have always known the common man’s inner desires better than most conservative thinkers for many years…just as Satan knows God best, while trying to convince his minions there is no God. (I had to go to the USSR to find this out.) Only Marxists see these conditions of freedom as impediments to be overcome, targets, not virtues. The Left has known for years why even the most backward people in Europe (e.g., the Russian masses) will instinctively resist communism (Stalin called it “wrecking”) they would have to come up with a better, less violent way to condition American society for accepting socialist authority.

Because America already has what the rest of the world most wants, they have to make us not want this precious treasure; to make freedom itself distasteful, to make us willing to discard it as one would a brown banana; to make us want to be dependent and to make us so gullible as to not be able to discern even the simplest truths, or appreciate even the most priceless of freedoms.

In a word, they have to make us so weak and wanton as to ask for the very shackles they want to put on us.

The socialists have always understood the monumental task of seducing free Americans over to the dark side. So they took the long view, operational now for at least 50 years. Russia proved that even the most backward people would resist the direct approach as the Soviets tried. The Bolsheviks burned down a society that had 95% of all its people living in ignorance and poverty, while the other 5% lived in wealth, privilege and power, so you would think, with so many people wanting out of those barely survivable conditions, and so few real institutions standing in their way, it would be easy to rebuild society in just about any shape its creators would want.

It wasn’t, and I’m not sure many historians have ever asked why. It took the Soviet Union a full generation, and approximately 30 million dead laid alongside their road to “the future” (as American journalist Lincoln Steffans called it) to create all the institutions the Soviet Union would need to secure the sort of top-down proletarian society, managed by a bureaucratic elite who would ensure it would never allow power to actually pass over to that proletariat as Marx promised.

(I don’t know of a single Marxist today, even in Russia and East Europe, who for the slightest moment actually holds to that original Marxist gibberish that the proletariat can be perfected, and that the Party structure is merely a caretaker apparatus, all directed to that great and shiny day when the workers are as wise and good as their caretakers. Bolshevik!)

Today, the state exists for the benefit of the chosen few, still around 5%, who still gobble up 75% of the national resources. Only they do so by state-created scarcity. Of course, everyone else would be better housed and better fed.  But they are organized into a strict system of identification, testing and selection as to judge who is most fit to be admitted into the ranks of the management class, where the goodies are much better. That’s the carrot of socialism, to be tapped out.

Fatally flawed, within another generation, 30 years give or take, that Soviet structure came crashing down, leaving in its wake a schizophrenic society as we’ve seen develop in Russia since, a plutocratic, fascist dictatorship, moving towards another type of totalitarian state altogether…which, if you stop to think about it, is where all socialist-lite systems have to go once their original design breaks down.

How does this translates to the United States?

Consider American public education being designed as a series of tests to do what the Soviets did; to identify, test, and promote based on criteria suitable for a variety of slots in the state system, from being fast-tracked into the state apparatus, or into the production system, or into the undesirable categories, where they will be dealt with as conditions allow.

First, they have to “tap out” the undesirables. Well, Margaret Sanger first popularized the idea of 1) eugenics at the one end and  2) killing them in the womb at the other.

Eugenics never caught on with the American Left because Hitler adopted it, which was sort of like Richard Nixon doing a Chick-fil-A commercial to liberals. (Eugenics will come back strong under Obamacare, only in a new and improved package, but I’m getting ahead of myself.)

But abortion did catch on. To make abortion palatable it required about 20 years to develop a college-aged generation who would find abortion convenient for its new lifestyle choices (1960s), which, with the help of the pop culture, was easy to create. Then they had to make it guilt-free, a process which continues today. Only then could they make it free to the poor, which has now occurred with Obamacare.

Today, abortion is at least 65% lifestyle related and this provides the vocal political cover for carrying out its original primary mission, which is to rid society of “likely undesirables” which Sanger identified primarily as being the Negro. (Ms Sanger was always regarded highly among her set because she never spoke of blacks using pejorative terms. A true classy lady to the end, no one ever heard her use the n-word…while trying to kill them.)

But abortion was never a major population control strategy for the Left. Contraception was, and to understand this, you can see the entire tapping-out process of the Left for all those children who escaped the abortion seine net.

First, you must understand that all Marxist planners have a maximum sustainable population ceiling in dealing with national populations. Forget that their math is unsustainable, it’s also hotly debated by all the participating members of the Left’s coalition. The environmentalists have one population ceiling in mind (actually several, considering the number of back-to-sleeping-bags, mud-huts and organic kelp-farm wings they have) while the more pragmatic wing uses the math of production needs, (i.e., we need x cars, oil, steel, food, etc, enough to feed the apparatus (i.e, that lucky 5%) plus another 20% for food, mass transit and central housing to care for the rest. They ask, how many people do we need to produce those things just as any industrial planner would.  Then, people who are excess to this plan, beginning with the old, infirm and feeble-minded, become, as Stalin called them, a “statistic”…assuming the undesirables, according to Sanger, have already been accounted for. Under Obamacare at least 10 million are a statistic already, they just don’t know it yet.

By this socialist accounting model, America already has about 50 million too many people. (By environmental wacko accounting 200 million.) and it will take about 50 years to weed out the excess cars, single-unit houses, private companies, and memories to shrink us to the proper size.

Tapped-out Central, the Public Education System

We know that the education system is the fulcrum for the political takeover of American society, for the simple reason it was always Freedom’s first bulwark against the Left. Originally it taught American history with enthusiasm, celebrating our heroes. It taught reverence for both God and Liberty. It taught the economics of free markets, even the simpler math problems in 4th grade were built around nickels and dimes, and buying and selling. It recognized that its primary mission was to present to society, in 12 years, children who were literate, mannerly, clean, and ready to pull their own weight in life, however they chose to confront it, whether building bridges or working in an auto garage underneath that bridge. Moreover, it recognized the value and power of the family, and knelt at the knee of parental power over their children and the schools.

None of these things can socialists abide.

For the children who escape the abortion-contraception seine net, their first contact with the state came in the school system, which is why they want to get to them at age 4, not 5 or 6. For fifty years they have been adjusting their teaching to undo the things I just listed above. For instance, they’ve known for years that children from single parent homes are much more malleable to their sales pitch than those from two-parent families. So they work overtime to increase the divorce rate. For every impediment we put up they try to build a way either to tear it down (preferably) or circumvent it. By 3rd grade they want children to admit their parents are wrong about morality, usually beginning with homosexuality. By 5th grade it’s global warming, by 7th, free enterprise (which is always spit out like a slur, “kapitalism”.) In high school private initiative is demeaned as selfishness, the desire for wealth equated with anti-Americanism.

And the grade system reflects the bright student’s greatest worry, pleasing Teacher. For we all know what it’s like to have to choose between a C for saying what you think or believe versus telling Teacher what she wants to hear, because Dad and Mom would never understand that C.

The Left are masters at this game, the idea being to put kids into college who are so insecure about the verities and truths they learned at home as to be almost gob-smacked once they confront their professors, where, let’s face it, ALL the left wing biases began in the first place.

It’s Pavlovian. Still, 50% of the culture resists, but with every passing year, they add new wrinkles to weaken the resolve of still more children.

The greatness of American education, from K thru grad school, is that the people controlled the content in accordance with what was important to them, and it was largely controlled locally, where citizens could oversee their children’s education first hand.

Now, I’m a pitchfork guy myself, so if undoing this appears too difficult, well, yes and no, for it does require that the velvet gloves be removed. But that’s why God created the Tea Party in the first place, to take back our educational system and return it to its former estate of popular control. And to know about the proper care and cleaning of the standard issue M1-Pitchfork.

What we do know is that we must intercept this tapping out process, and we must do it from the ground up, before the country is totally tapped out.


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