When Congressman Joe Wilson lost his cool and muttered out loud “You lie” during Obama’s 2010 State of the Union address, he stood pretty much alone. He was singled out by his own party for bad manners even while his colleagues knew he was dead on right.

But like Rick Santelli, who stood on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade and called for a “tea party” a year earlier, and got one, Joe Wilson is finally getting his, too. I guess it takes a year for a good idea to catch on. (Can anyone remember that Bob Barr publicly called for the impeachment of Bill Clinton almost a year before the blue dress turned up and the walls came tumbling down?)

But look at this line-up of new Liar-Liar-Pants-on-Fire attention-getters, just in the past week or so:

Hank Williams Jr. this week shouted Obama “hates America”. Last year he compared Obama to Hitler (an unfair comparison in both directions I’d say), then got fired from the Monday Night Football television show, when he was probably the only reason people tuned it, unless the Packers or Saints were playing. Suddenly, our side is doubling down instead of turning tail.

And what about Ted Nugent? He isn’t backing away either, even though the Secret Service visited him after he said he would be “dead or in jail by this time next year if President Barack Obama is re-elected.”  This comment also cost Ted a headliner concert at Ft Knox, where the troops love him as much as he loves them. Since his Obama comment was hardly threatening, a Secret Service visit to his house and the concert cancellation was little more than a warning shot by the Prez, costing him more in the long run, as the cards and letters keep rolling in to Ted.

But everyone expects this from good ol’ boys. Well, then, how about Jon Voight, father-in-law to Brad Pitt, and father of the sainted Angelina Jolie? Voight, a closet conservative for years has come out of the closet and gotten very vocal on behalf of a kindred spirit and co-inlaw, the spunky Jane Pitt, Brad Pitt’s mom, who called Obama “a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage.”

What’s to disagree with that comment? Even Obama would agree the facts are right. Well, Jane gets a barrage of hate mail and Twitter death threats (Does she even Tweet? I can’t even send her birthday greetings.) while Brad and Angelina are both suddenly very quiet, defending neither parent, no doubt waiting for their publicist to advise them as to who is more important on the celeb-o-graph, the pro-mom youth of America or the pro-baby killer youth.

Not a big deal? Big deal, because more 19-40 year olds know what color underwear St Angelina is wearing this week than know who John Roberts, or what Obamacare,  is. True, the majority of these kids are of the left, in the touchy-feely, heavy on the touchy, self-gratification sort of a way, but most draw the line at Mom. Poor Obama didn’t do a thing here. All he did was serve as the object of a relatively short sentence. Still he lost, for now there are negatives about him from the mommy-class out there in Pop-Cultureville, a burb he believed to be impregnable to bad vibes about the Won.

De Lawd, He sho do move in mysterious ways.

Then there’s Maine (yes, that Maine) governor Paul le Page who only last week accused the IRS of Gestapo tactics. Bout time, we all cried. He  apologized, but as the judge who tells a jury to ignore that comment they just heard, they can’t.

It gets even better.

Mitt Romney, yes, Mitt Romney, of all people, has decided to march down that same uncharted, unlit path Joe Wilson first marched into. And with gusto. Mitt has money, too. He can buy his own airtime, he doesn’t have to depend on whisper gossip. But when a paid ad gets into the public domain as gossip and goes viral, it’s big.

So yes, Mitt called Obama a liar in no uncertain terms and Obama doubled down, by lying a second time by inferring Romney could be a felon for continuing to sign resignation papers at Baine after he had officially left Baine to go save the Olympics. (Who was that masked man?)

Question: Has anyone even remotely associated with this administration ever changed a flat, or checked the oil light, or put a worm on a hook?

Any way, look for more.

This is huge. This is monumental. Even Krauthammer agrees with Mitt putting on the mitts, though I’m sure David Gergen is a little unnerved.

Look for this to get much much uglier (which doesn’t bother me, by the way), but also more graphic, which interests me a lot.  Remember John Lovitz’s character on Saturday Night Live, who came up with more clever and clever lies? “Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

Watching this will be fun.

Obama has no truth he can sell, so I’m eager to see what new devil’s-brew his people will come up in the coming weeks. Maybe they’ll pitch bad Mormon stuff, maybe secret club initiations at BYU involving goats. Maybe they’ll bring up DB Cooper, or Edmond Dantes. Mitt has to have a secret closet (Hillary did, which is why she let so much Obama dirt lie). It must be there. They just have to find it, and if they can’t, they’ll have to invent it.

This will be fun to watch, folks, for even as Obama backers in the media are saying the Bain lies (“Yes, we know they’re factually incorrect”) are sticking with certain groups…we all know they would’ve voted for Obama anyway… the “liar” meme is bathing Obama in an unmistakable odor, and we all know the smell test out-polls all other forms of negative campaigning.

In this Obama is getting no help from the media in keeping the stink off. David Maraniss wrote a detailed book, outlining Obama’s factual omissions in his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, and while forgiving Obama these artistic indiscretions (the same as “poetic license”) even left wing tabloids have picked it up. The stink has been there a long time it seems.  He lies. About the tiniest things.

After all, even Obama’s tiniest little speeches to the tiniest of crowds (now he uses high school gymnasiums, during working hours when only students, layabouts and rent-a-crowds can show up) are peppered with factual lies, about jobs created, jobs saved, taxes cut, all to audiences that were hand picked to be stupider than he is.

With Obama this has gotten to be so frequent I doubt he knows the truth to anything, beginning with his 1994 book, where Maraniss simply could have said only the periods, commas and semi-colons were truthful and saved us 672 pages.

All Obama can do is raise this crescendo of lies, as we’ve seen with the “felony” charge against Romney. And we’ve watched him nearly come undone a couple of times. Can a bitten lower lip be far behind?

All in all, things are looking up. Look for more politicians, singers and other celebrities to come out of the closet in coming weeks. For one it’s fun, and when you can sense the momentum changing, as it is now, it’s like blood in the water to a shark. We start circling.

As Vassar says, when a man’s down, kick him.

The Obama campaign will continue to splash and flounder.

I guarantee it.



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