After having already blown the Black-Irish vote, Obama goes and does this:

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk angrily demanded Wednesday that President Barack Obama explain his reference to “a Polish death camp” during a high-profile White House ceremony a day earlier, saying the remark smacked of “ignorance, lack of knowledge, bad intentions” and amounted to “a distortion of history.”

Full story here.

Richard Trumka, grandson of Polish immigrants, could not be reached for comment.

And the Mike Krzyzewski vote.

And the Eli Wallach vote.

And the Pia Zadora vote.

And the Eminem vote.

And the Carl Yaztrzrmeski, Ron Jaworski, Moose Skowran, the Niekro brothers, Mike Gminski, Stan Musial, Dirk Nowitzki, Janet Lynn, Mike Ditka, and every linebacker who ever played in the NFL vote.

And the Chopin Conservatory vote.

Surely the Bobby Vinton, Laura Ingraham, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Pat Sajak vote.

Maybe even the Alan Greenspan and Larry King vote.

Maayybeeee even the Mika Brzezinski and Wolf Blitzer vote.

All because Obama, or no one around him, knew one damned thing about who murdered who in World War II.

It was in all the papers.



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