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A PETA Ethics Test (Updated)

Based on a true story:

A workman building the trans-Amazonian highway injured his arm in a mishap. Leaving his crew along the graded road, he wandered into the forest a few hundred feet to a small rivulet, and squatted down to wash his wound.



Above and behind him, in the thicket, watched a lone jaguar, ready to pounce on the crouched man.



Just as the cat was about to leap, the man heard a rustling in the brush, turned to see his stalker, and as his face silently screamed in horror, a shot rang out from the rifle of a Dominican priest who was carrying a burro train of water jugs to the workmen on the road, saving the workman.

This is how it really happened, more or less.

What if someone else had  been holding that rifle? It’s understood that a poacher would do the same thing, only for different reasons.

But what if it were a member of PETA?

What would he/she do?

(Hint: There is an answer. See you tomorrow.)

The answer as to what the PETA member would do: He/she would use the rifle, but on the workman, not the cat, as a kind of mercy killing so he would suffer no pain.


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