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Democrats Want U.S. to Plunge to the Bottom of the Sea

Democrats want the U.S. to plunge to the bottom of the sea…….

…while the GOP wants to “save” us from this crash by having us slowing the sink under the waves in a more orderly fashion.


The lesson we learned from the debt ceiling deal is that this has always been intentional.

The S&P downgrade was not unexpected. Neither, for that matter, was the stock market reaction to the deal.

Nothing either Party is even proposing is even remotely related to providing the technical bases to correct this situation within twenty years, much less ten or five.

Rather than content ourselves with venting rage and shaking fists, we need to consider why it is that the political class would prefer to commit a respectable, urbane  suicide, as Europe is doing at an even faster pace. Then, act accordingly.

We must first consider this: Do they not see this impending disaster or do they have a Plan B we don’t know about? I submit the latter, especially considering there was always a hidden deal in the debt ceiling farce.

I believe many members are truly delusional,  and their real constituents, the bureaucracy, doubly so. Like a parasite they will gladly hold onto their host until they both die rather than voluntarily let loose their grip. That the ship these barnacles have so encrusted and rotted is suddenly sinking, will be the last thing they will consider as they sink beneath the waves.

We have only the Islamized capsizing and financial sinking of Europe to prove this point.

But there are some  in the political class who believe they can survive this, and even plan to, albeit under a totally new world order. Some form of dictatorship of the political class, I’m sure. Socialist? Communist? Absolute? Who knows?

What we can deduce from the debt deal and these subsequent events are that the GOP and Democrats are jointly engaged in a conspiracy by the political class that flies in the face of all economic realities, and threatens the very survival of the United States, and threatens that survival in a much nearer term than we had imagined.

This week foretells a quickening, as all three of the leadership groups, the Obamailis, the Congressional Democrats and the GOP, will increase their pace, only they will move to protect or enhance their positions, vis a vis each other. None will move to actually improve the economic foundations.

I believe the revolt inside the GOP should begin today. This week. The wrecking we will see by November, 2012 will be incalculable.





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