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How the Government Shutdown is Playing on Main Street

I’ve been working on a piece about how regular America actually get their news, and what is it that is important to them.

The first thing that comes to mind is border security. After all, that is the main plank that Donald Trump ran on in 2016. Only, what the pundits, politicos and pollsters missed from the beginning: Donald Trump did not sell this idea to the people, the people told Donald Trump this is what they want from their president.

This is why border security transcends “traditional politics” and moves into “existential politics” again a thing the political establishment misses altogether.

It is probably the only national news the vast majority of the American people pay attention to, and despite Media reporting that is largely anti-Wall, support for the Wall continues to grow, now over 90% of Americans believe illegal immigration to a real problem.

If anything, anti-Wall sentiment by the Media has spurred this pro-Wall sentiment even among people who don’t follow news as you who are reading this do. They don’t read blogs, or go to the internet, Tweet or Facebook (unless it’s a grandbaby or cat), but just driving to work in the morning or home in the evening they can’t avoid that News on the Fives, or top of the Hour Headlines, from the local radio station, and, despite all the evidence to the contrary local radio newsrooms have been convinced (or ordered) to believe that 1) negative news about Trump, 2) Trump shutting down the government over the Wall and 3) it’s Trump’s fault the government is what listeners need, not want to hear.

The same is true of daytime television, which is supposed to hold viewers until the Nightly network News comes on.

Ordinarily Americans would give very little thought to the federal government, or its being shut down, except when the government gives them pain. Tax time every years, only less this year, it seems. Obamacare was a major pain, and it took 6 years for those “ordinary Americans” to first throw out the Democrats from political power in Congress and then find and insert a hand-chosen leader to build that damned Wall among other things.

The Democrats retaking the House in 2018 hasn’t really altered things much, inasmuch as their victory was largely by theft, and that theft largely because of the porous border. One way or the other that will be rectified by 2010 for the Democrats have laid their cards on the table, wanting nothing to do with honest Constitutional governance not an honest, hard-working, flag-loving citizenry.

This is the only politics ordinary Americans care about, so when they hear or read that federal employees may miss a paycheck, or politicians are sweating about getting them back to work. much like a Connecticut commuter-executive in Manhattan would worry about his mistress in the city who suddenly became ill, and he would have to spend extra nights in Westport, they just aren’t that sympathetic. In the real America people get laid off, and can’t get back pay. they have to file for unemployment, sometimes even welfare, which gnaws at them.

And since the illegals are indirectly associated with Obamacare, and the loss of a couple of million small business jobs that put them on welfare, some for as many as 6 years, lost homes, lost marriages…nah, this shut down doesn’t bother them one bit.

That the Media still doesn’t know or care who and where these people is a subject I’ll take up soon. But the fact that it doesn’t know proves the degree of relevance they have among the 92% of the American people who want that border secured.

And unless the Media learns why it is stranded on a highway in the desert trying to sell newspapers, next to a Last Chance for 500 Miles gas station, it will die of thirst and be replaced by The People’s Gazette.


5 thoughts on “How the Government Shutdown is Playing on Main Street

  1. They just don’t get it. I heard Hakeem Jeffries on C-Span this morning leading a left-wing 3 minute press briefing. He and the woman who followed him moaned about the suffering of federal employees.

    Disclosure: I have family members, neighbors, etc. who work for the City, State of Federal government and not one of them would ever leave those jobs because if they did, and they have said this, they would have to “really” work, not that many government employees don’t. Yet far too many who are in the employ of big government hold that mentality. Their treatment, far too often, of the people who pay their checks are a reflection of that attitude.

    I say this as I reminded of two cousins, one who worked one floor down from me years ago. On my coffee break, I would visit her and in that big ass office, you can count the people working on one hand.

    Then there is Sharon who works for the feds. She used to follow me on Facebook back in 2016 and hated my posts about Crooked Hillary. I believe that it was her who out of spite reported and got me booted off Facebook.

    Next; the DMV, Social Security Administration and the hoops that I had to jump through with these people when I first became disabled. Oh and the one time in my life after getting laid off 25 years ago that I tried to apply for unemployment. The woman was so disrespectful and hateful to me that I threw the application in her face and walked out.

    Thirty-six hours later I had a job which turned out to be a blessing. So, nope, I don’t feel any pain for any of them.

    Sorry for the rant.

    P.S. Great post.

  2. Dear Media,

    Thank you for gaslighting the entire nation. I try to stay well-informed. I was raised that it is my duty as a citizen. So today we turned on the car radio, trying to keep up, but honestly, as soon as the “expert” called in to speak his wisdom likened President Trump to Forrest Gump my ears closed – not voluntarily. I don’t love Trump. I am unsure about much of what he does and no he can’t stand in the middle of the Bowery or Bruckner Blvd & shoot somebody with no consequences from me but maybe your “experts” should present their proofs prior to trying to affix your labels to the man because I believe that contrary to your analysis, when you go low people tune-out.

    Meanwhile dear Media your opinion of your audience is clear & therefore our opinion of you is mutual – disgust. It has taken a lifetime for just some truths about our illegal immigrant population to be spoken by you so I think that you consider border state people as ignorant racist disposable humans. You have NEVER told our truth regarding this issue.

    All we can think about is the wall.

    Dear media every time I try to be well informed I remember how much you have lied about the border & realize that to try to know truth through you is Herculean/impossible. You flunk. Who wins?

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