The Missing “Buckley-Factor” in Publius Decius Mus’ Historic Essay

If you haven't heard, a fellow (I assume) named Publius Decius Mus penned an anonymous, 10-page essay at the Claremont College website, entitled the "Flight 93 Election" It's a near-masterpiece, even historic. While I...

Making the Media Irrelevant

(This will be in two parts, going from the general to the sublime. Tune in midweek for Part II, "All the News That's Fit to Print") The title is something of a misnomer, in that...

After Brexit, We Shoot the Bureaucrats

"Every successful analysis begins with a unified theory." Some Americans credit Donald Trump for the success of Brexit, while others are saying Trump owes Brexit for bumping his campaign toward the presidency. Actually, both are true to a point, but...

Are Google and Facebook Shilling for Hillary or Just Covering Up Arab Spring?

JUNE 16-17 UPDATE: The evidence is stacking up that Hillary Clinton's fingerprints are as much on the epic fail that was Arab Spring as Barack Obama's and that ISIS is a direct result of those series...

The Sisterhood Discovers There is Still a Brotherhood

Feminism and the science of the Sisterhood has brought this civilization to near destruction

“Heaven for Climate, Hell for Society”, Hal Holbrook

  You'd have to watch a lot of Hal Holbrook's presentations to find the one quoted in the title. But I heard off an old LP from 40 years ago, and he was comparing the differences between the North and the South at the time...