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From a Paper War to Real War

Renewing a suggestion she made in 2021, Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene once again suggested a “national divorce” this past February.

Now, I’m a fan of MTG because she sometimes calls a spade “a fritzing shovel”, and ever since the editorial staff at Red forbad any high praise for Alaska governor Sara Palin on that site, and who became John McCain’s running mate against Obama in 2008, I’ve been a fan of women who put people ahead of status.

The Left portrays MTG as if she was birthed on a milking stool in the cow shed, when she in truth is college educated, only her degree, Business Administration, was practical, and used for real small business. And like most state universities, Georgia required a core curricula  of all its students of about 40 hours, including the history of Georgia and the United States. (I looked it up.) That was a new idea when I was college freshman in 1964, and I was gratified to see that most public universities still require it.

I’ll pick up with Congresswoman Greene when this investigation into “national divorce” starts looking at the particulars of just what that divorce might look like on the ground, but for now I just want make it clear that Marjorie Taylor Greene is no mere “Conservative Momma” …. as the Left would like to have her portrayed. (So for 2 minutes and 13 seconds, just see who’s effectively making fun of who.)

The Gen X, Millennial, and now Gen Z conservatives have largely packaged themselves with disdain for the more-common-speaking American, male or female, forgetting, or perhaps never even knowing in our post-modern education system, that politics was not originally an elite’s, or even elitist pursuit, if one really reads Jefferson’s “Declaration of Independence” or Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”…both of which are still must-read preambles to America’s Constitution.

Americans who lazily or arrogantly by-pass these fundamental connections eventually let their own personal ambitions guide their actions, and end up being “unrepentant” conservatives-in-name-only (CINO’s) and of absolutely no use to the current restoration movement in America, trying to re-invigor and re-establish what the first forty years of Founders knew to be cornerstone of the Constitutional purpose of our Republic.

In short, lacking the necessary moral and philosophical depth once required by universities, but perhaps no longer taught, these younger conservatives find themselves doing combat with a more-deeply embedded philosophical Left on a playing field that had been staked out, by yard-line, boundaries, goal posts, and rules-of-play since the 1930s, all unbeknownst to them, leaving us with postage stamp images of John McCain, Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell as post-modern patriot-heroes.

There have always been such women as MTG and it delights me to see them get an opportunity to lead.

(Taken from a 1920s magazine)

Today, 15 years after RedState proscribed Governor Palin, there are now armies, as our “Conservative Momma” (above) above attests.

If you pay attention to the commentary on Twitter since its began in 2006 (I didn’t join until Nov 2010) you’ll have noticed that blunt country-sounding girl-Republicans have grown exponentially. A blessing to the Republican Party in 1860, and again in 1942, they sound nothing like the frat-boy Republicans such as Jonah Goldberg or Eric Erickson, seemingly seeking gold and status more than liberty, thus having separated themselves from the Republican male and female hoi polloi Donald Trump brought back to the Republican Party in 2016.

These girls are educuated, experienced in ways of the citizens’ world in ways that have eluded their cultural betters, so are treated like Ma Kettle, sadly as much by the frat boys of the Right as the weenie-boys of the Left.

It’s a class thing.

In 2010 we didn’t know what was coming were new generational Happenings…

…a harangue-pastime especially enjoyed by spoiled trust-baby ‘bratlings”, who we’ve all come to be annoyed by since they picked up some academic creds of their own, replete with their own academic priesthood. Today, they’re a self-made, down-the-nose class all their own, the targets of Madison Avenue influencers and leftwing occultists alike, Millennial and Generation Z being targeted as the replacement troops for the now dying out Baby Boomers.

Of course, we Boomers are not going to go quietly, and unlike the spawn of the bratlings, we have raised a sizeable nest of GenX kids, who like their parents, are more predictable in which way they will turn once they survive that little trek through the Valley of the Shadow of Death (Psalm 23).

Millennials are more of a crap shoot, while Gen Z’s fate will be determined by how parents can keep the “state” away from their children, and what role “the bloody nose” can play in saving them, for these days punishments are almost all without pain.

(I’ve collected and provided a gallery of analyses and photos in my Bratling category, which I invite you to enjoy, but that is not the principal theme of this opening essay.)

Our real “national divorce” has been in process since Barack Obama was elected, only that process inside the Democratic Party goes back to its creation in 1828, slowly divorcing itself from the four-corners of those natural rights of Man, states in Thomas Jefferson’s Preamble  to the Declaration in 1776, then printed into an action-plan by our Constitution in 1787.

In his day Mark Twain would have described the world view of the Democrat Party in his own way in the late 1800s, long before it morphed into what it has become today,  and their secret need for a class-based society, and all the nation’s wealth based on that class system.

Twain would have raised his cigar hand high in the air, and proclaimed:

It is unconscionable;

It is illegal;

It is immoral;

It is un-consti-tutional;


It is French!

Of course, we know that the Industrial Revolution in the 1870s brought forth a kind of wealth that was more suited to pinstripes, bowlers, spats and gentleman’s clubs than straw fedoras and lightweight single-breasted suits.

And that wealth rearranged the symbolism of status in America, especially since almost all of the wealthy slave-owners of the South had perished with their Lost Cause, leaving their lands over to carpetbaggers and their generals’ aides-de-camps.

You can trace this social belief into the rightful powers of the elites 2009 the Democratic Party believed it had finally attained the legal means it required to hold onto power, namely in the election process. So Democrats believed, by 2016, after 8 years of significant changes in government of their own design, by controlling the election process, they could hold onto power indefinitely…while also creating the imagery that the out-of-power party, the Republicans, could always believe they might have a chance the next election…when they didn’t.

2016 undid all that thinking, when a candidate not even on their roster of contenders, not only nabbed the Republican nomination, but brought out of the weeds millions of America voters that had laid quiet since the attack on the Twin Towers, 2001.

This was another one of America’s “Great Awakenings”, only it was not seeded by Donald Trump, but from within America’s grass roots, starting in 2010, when they took back the House, then 2014, the Senate. They had been looking for such a leader since Obamacare. And they found Donald Trump…and not the other way around.

Thirteen years later, they still haven’t surrendered. Hint: Democrats despise people like that, for it disproves everything they believe, including the Marx-science about the inadequacies of the common man and woman…

…which brings us right back to Marjorie Taylor Green, and others.


So with or without Donald Trump, how we keep this energy alive for at least 40 years is what we need to consider going forward.

The Democrat-Utopian system has to be removed, which means, for us over-70s, we have to up our game beyond simply sharing complaints on Twitter. There’s a ground war that may need to be fought, but only our generation knows how it was fought in the past, and it might be fought going forward.




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