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Looking for the End of Unipolarity by Theophilis Chilton (Guest Editorial)

(From the Neo-Ciceronian Times, https://neociceroniantimes.substack.com/p/looking-for-the-end-of-unipolarity, just to assure you I haven’t changed anything.)

Well worth the 9 minutes. It embodies most of the themes of my front page, How Things Work, Natural Law, even “The Wahr” and Teachings.

The past couple of years have revealed severe stress fracture deficiencies in the American system. Idiotic responses to covid and the destruction of the legitimacy of our political system through vote fraud and the J6 committee have compounded already systematic problems stemming from economic slowdown and skyrocketing inflation. Yet, if there’s one thing that many, many Americans have always thought they could fall back onto, it was the fundamental goodness and rightness of “the American mission” all across the world. Having convinced ourselves that we were always the force for justice and righteousness in the world, we thought that there was nothing in this world that couldn’t be solved by sitting a carrier group off its coast.

Yet, this global hegemony of the United States as “enforcer” of the globohomo Regime is facing growing challenges which it will not be able to stave off forever. According to Chilton’s Law of Parallel Institutional Incompetence, any large organisation that consistently manifests incompetence in one area will do so in most other areas because of institutional culture, etc. The Regime has mismanaged the economy into a deep recession in just eighteen months while hamfistedly inciting massive resistance to its social agenda through its accelerationism. This same kind of incompetence has already shown itself in the realm of foreign policy as Western-applied sanctions have largely proved ineffective (because most of the world couldn’t be cajoled into going along) and indeed backfired on our European allies, many of whom are now contemplating a winter without hot water.

The history of American unipolar hegemony since the end of the Cold War, despite the romanticisation, has been one of nonstop wars and intrigue that have benefited nobody except for the transnational Regime elites. Thus, we can fairly say that the decline and fall of US hegemony would be a good thing. America is and always has been at her best when she is minding her own business instead of playing global enforcer. Of course, the key to understanding this point is to grasp the distinction between the American people and nation versus the Regime that has coopted and controls the American government. The interests of these two do not align and what is good for one is not good for the other. And as I previously showed, the Regime really has no concern for the American people at all and is, in fact, actively hostile toward them.

Now, I’m sure that all of this will rub the Tom Clancy-style milcons the wrong way. But it’s time to acknowledge that American hegemony, as it has been used by the Regime, has been an unmitigated disaster, not just for foreigners all over the world, but for Americans as well. It has created abundant amounts of ill-will toward us from its victims and gotten a lot of good American boys killed and maimed in pointless chess piece wars. All the while, the only beneficiaries have been a small caste of globalists who have enriched themselves at the expense of actual, real Americans whom they hate and are trying to replace with cheaper, more pliable foreigners. This has especially been the case after the Cold War ended and total American hegemony became increasingly centred around a combination of the fervent spreading of moral rot at the behest of literal perverts (hence the term globohomo) coupled with characteristically late-stage collapse phase-style looting.

But look, what people need to understand is that supporting endless wars paid for with American blood for the enrichment of transnational looters is not “patriotic.” Wanting an American Empire that benefits those people is not patriotic. Imposing globohomogayplex on the world is not patriotic, nor is it an accurate representation of actual American values.

As my Twitter mutual Asha Logos put it,

I love my country enough to not want to send her sons to die for spurious reasons. If you, on the other hand, are stumping for GAE and endless war then you’re not being true to the people of this country, you’re just running water for the Regime.

Now it’s common for commentators to compare the United States to previous empires, most often the Roman. There is quite a bit that can be learned from such comparisons. However, I think the most apt comparison may be to the Athenian Empire of the 5th century BC.

Now for a very quick overview of the relevant history. The Athenian Empire Delian League was founded in 478 BC under the leadership of Athens as a means of perpetuating the Greek conflict with the Persian Empire. However, over the course of the century, Athens stopped being an ally to the rest of the League members and became an overlord, using the urgent security situation of war against Persia as an excuse. The city-state became more oppressive over time, provoking rebellions from allies such as Naxos, Samos, and Thasos which were ruthlessly suppressed. Eventually, Athenian behaviour provoked war with other major Greek powers such as Sparta and Corinth (the Peloponnesian War) that resulted in Athens’ downfall.

In both the Athenian and the American cases, the hegemon was a democracy who played a large role in winning a war against an enemy cast as an existential threat to civilisation itself. After the decisive war, the hegemon quickly fell out with other major states who were its allies during the war. In the process, they built empires of their own through gunboat diplomacy, all the while pretending that the empires were really alliances of free states. Nevertheless, they would use a combination of preponderant military and economic power to crush dissenters, often utilising underhanded methods to keep “allies” in line.

In the end, Athens suffered defeat at the hands of its former ally and rising power Sparta. This occurred over the course of a prolonged conflict, not dissimilar to the one the Regime is currently trying to gin up against Russia and China. That conflict wore Athens down until eventually she lost her allies, her wealth, and the war – something that is already on the horizon for the GAE.

In our present situation, the continued American involvement in the war in Ukraine is placing a great strain on the cohesion of the Regime’s American empire. Superficially, Ukraine allows the GAE the opportunity to flex its muscles and trap a rival into a forever war against a foe who receives just enough support to keep the war going indefinitely. However, it’s coming at the cost of provoking a realignment of global interests. Above, I already mentioned the failure of Western sanctions against Russia. But even more permanently, major regional powers such as India and Brazil are being alienated after years of courtship by previous American administrations. And the Regime continues to put pressure on smaller powers, many of them are coming to side with Russia, to the point of entering into trade deals with them for arms and other high-value goods. And as the US tries to punish more and more of the world, it’s eventually going to find out that you can’t sanction the entire planet.

Keep in mind that most of the arguments being made for why we’re acting the way we are in Ukraine are disingenuous. That shouldn’t be a surprise, since both the Russian and NATO arguments are, to varying degrees, essentially propaganda driven. Yet, it would be more honest if the Regime simply admitted that it’s treating Ukraine as a ward of the United States (thus, why they’re essentially threatening a war with Russia, even if under the table). They are certainly not treating Ukraine as a sovereign country, which reminds us of the old adage that there are only three sovereign countries in the world – the USA, Russia, and China (America’s NATO allies, like Athens’, don’t make the cut).

This obsession with giving complete, unqualified support and intervention to Ukraine (to the point of being willing to risk nuclear war!) on the part of Western commentators and policymakers is itself a bit disturbing. The US has no real strategic interest in Ukraine – the Regime is involving us there merely to advance globohomo, which is ultimately a grossly anti-American position. Yet, support for Ukraine is being treated as some kind of test of one’s “patriotism” (funny, I thought patriotism meant loving your own country and people, not someone else’s) and “commitment to democracy” (by supporting a country that bans opposition political parties?). Of course, for the Left, “democracy” simply means the imposition of left-wing social and political policies. If voters vote for right wing stuff, then this “undermines democracy,” but if left wing bureaucrats impose left wing policies by fiat, then it’s “democratic action.” So people ought to be able to see that all this concern for democracy is a really just a sham.

All of this is part of the idiotic manichaean approach to foreign policy that characterises Regime diplomacy – no nuance, no realism, driven by sentiment and power-thirst masked as humanitarianism. Russia and China’s approaches to foreign policy are at least more honest and are going to be the way of the world after GAE hegemony collapses. The current American approach – both at the official level and the unofficial one of the media and cultural drivers – is entirely all-or-nothing. You’re either 100% sold out to the Regime’s narrative or else you’re 100% a Putin supporter and likely Russian agent. Just look at the recent degradation of Elon Musk from hero to zero for the crime of suggesting a peace plan for Ukraine that would end up saving both Ukrainian and Russian lives, but which is unthinkable to the GAE crowd who seems set on nothing less than a nuclear war with the Russian Federation.

Yet, it’s all nonsense. Ukraine is basically just one, huge looting scheme for the Regime. Billions of dollars in American taxpayer monies and weaponry (which will have to be replaced with even more taxpayer monies) are being shipped to Ukraine while regular Americans struggle to pay for their groceries and power bills. At the same time, globohomo gets to bleed an enemy who has been notoriously resistant to the gay and transgender agendas that the Regime has fomented all across the world. None of this is being done for the good of the actual American people, though. You and I get nothing out of this except the threat of them reimposing the draft to try to make up their chronic recruiting shortfalls. This is all being done for people who hate you and me and want to use us as paypigs before they discard us, transnationals who try to convince you that “patriotism” means betraying your country to globalist interests. Let me put it this way – if Alexander Vindman is your idea of a “patriot,” then you probably hate the actual American people.

The only answer for all true Americans is to refuse to support these people and their foreign policy, not just in Ukraine but everywhere else. Will America have legitimate interests on the world stage? Of course. But most of what is presently done doesn’t fall under that category. As horrifying as this may sound to conservative Americans who have been trained for decades to think that muscular military interventionism is synonymous with national greatness, the people who have counseled a non-interventionist, America-centred foreign policy were right all along. We need to be doing what is right for the American people, not a bunch of globalist monied interests and rootless transnational soyjacks. The sooner the Regime can no longer use American blood to enforce global hegemony, the better it will be for real Americans and for the rest of the world.


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