80 Communist Party Event cards, USSR Bloc, Founding Central Committee Members, 1950s-60s

Only in Cyrillic.

Lots of history here from the early days of Stalin’s power in East Europe, following WWII, These are mostly “pokana” and “proputsk”, both types of passes. One for Party events, the other for national events.
The Family shown was a General and Mrs Kaprielov, both of who were original party members when the Communists took over in ’44, as well as Founding Central Committee members. Very high ranking, and the other photo is of their son, now in his 60s, dressed as a Young Pioneer.
He gave this collection to my friend in Sofia to sell.
Some are numbered, for select Party Members only, so very rare.
Easy to decipher (Cyrillic on Google) and translate.
Go through and identify them one time and you’ll come away very knowledgable about the way the Communist Party was organized in the 50s-60s-and-70s.

80 in all, There is (or was) a Kaprielov Avenue in Central Sofia but I can’t find on recent city maps.
Very historical  collection.

Shipped flat rate Priority box.
Price: $160.00


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