2022 Midterm Elections, 2024 election

Having Dark Days about the Dark Days Ahead?

Before Twitter, even before AM-Radio call-in shows, people had to deal with all that was going on in their lives. They already knew there were dark days ahead, just not when, where, or how we would be able to deal with it once it surfaced.

Unless you’ve lived under a rock you know this song, and I think this movie-short subject about pending war actually made the theater circuit a little after Kate actually introduced the song (1938), but it came at the time that Hitler had invaded Poland, and every patriot (which in those days were many times larger than today) knew we were going to have to get involved, especially since England had declared war on Germany.

This was before the London Blitz, or Dunkirk, and Japan wasn’t even part of the big picture (we thought). Still we knew dark days were ahead and it sat in the pits of their stomachs like my mother’s bean pie. Still they had jobs to go to, kids to raise, and even other people in town whose business needed minding.

Same-o, same-o, just different technologies.

What we know now, that wasn’t the case in 1940, is that we now have politicians that have sold their souls to money, and to the evil philosophies we’ve fought in this country for over 80 years, and this we can do something about.

Don’t just send this song to your best mates, but send it to your biggest annoyances on the internet. Remind them that we’ll be coming this November, and the next November-election in ’24. And tell them that “Hell is coming with us.”


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