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A Prologue to Part III, A Sentimental Note About the Supreme Court and Simple Human Frailties

The Supreme Court members are human and not just walking, talking law books living in a concrete bookshelf. Each knows what is about to befall him or her, individually and collectively, in coming days…

…and while the Law presumes that the election of a man not fully in charge of his faculties should never be allowed to appear to have won an election by theft or cheating, and thus simply signal to the world and History that the majority of the American voters are just as daft as Joe Biden is…still the alternative in some ways can appear to be just as difficult. For even if they decide the election was not highjacked, they must all agree the election process was. And also that hijacking can never be undone or reformed by any legislative process that involves a free election, since that process was assassinated on Nov 3, 2020.

To date its assassination has only been attempted. Only the Supreme Court can certify that the assassin’s wound was fatal.

By all that’s right and common sensical, we know that the Supreme Court should rule 9-0, 8-1, 7-2, not just 6-3, (I’ll bet RBG would be one of those) in favor of the incumbent, Donald Trump, simply because he got more votes, political philosophy aside. Indeed, by far more votes if we’re ever able to inquire deeper in coming months; impressively far more votes, so large as to earn a mention (below) about the reservoir of love for both God and America that still rests inside the American people.

But, as I said, the Court is also human, and many are part of a modern culture that when a child begins to scream and break things, the tendency among many parents and institutions it seems, is to indulge the child til it finally runs out of steam. In short, all the Court knows that if they should rule in favor of Donald Trump, America may experience the most violent nationwide foot-stomping teat fit in its history. And also under the belief that American grown-ups have displayed a remarkable restraint, allowing themselves to be mocked, shouted at, meals disrupted, even beaten, with no serious counter-attacks. Just parades and horns and good nature, any nary a piece of litter left behind.

I mentioned how brief such a national teat fit would likely be in Part II, but still, with the help of an also-threatened, (and affectionately renamed) Gas-Light Media  it may appear much worse…and far more justified. While I don’t believe, for several reasons, that a full scale civil war will break out, still it will be ugly, and the possibility of it will weigh on the souls of most members of the Court.

Some, our of vanity alone, may even wonder how they will appear in History should they rule for Donald Trump.

Myself, as a son of a generation that put it all on the line for America, 1941-1945, and even into the 1950s, and a member of the following generation that showed up in the 60s and 70s, but only with about half the sentiment and patriotism of our fathers (about Vietnam  I once mentioned that when “my generation came to that crossroads, that the best went one way and the brightest the other”) I can’t tell you how proud I am to have seen the 4-year display of love for America emerge as robust as if newly-born, and showcased by millions standing in line for hours just to cheer their flag, their country, and of course, the man who reacquainted them all with it, while violating almost every protocol of the State Church had developed the past 30 years. Its was is if a barbarian had sacked Constantinople then opened the gates to the Great State Cathedral so that the people could see how comfortably their rulers had been living the past century while those outside toiled daily for their bread. There is something medieval about this new United States they have in mind.

How proud indeed. It’s not just that Donald Trump won over 75 million on paper, but that he clearly won even more, although we will never likely know how much. Still, it would be nice if a 5- or 10-year commission could be appointed to see just how many, for it will tell us in real numbers just how many voters in 2020 actually do love America, the “A”, and how few Americans don’t, whether out of lack of education, cynicism, or just plain dumb blind allegiance to the “D”, to the point of not knowing or caring that the “D” in this election didn’t stand for Democrat, but Demented. I would hazard a guess at least 60%-40% if you marry the blind “D’s” with the standard 10%-15% who worship the other “Isms”, probably, today more easily defined as “Statism”, and leave it at that.

For that I am very much encouraged about my children and grandchildren’s chances to also learn to love the “A” and to be able to pass it on. I am also happy to note that God’s passing in America has been greatly exaggerated. The God-of-Abraham is still very much alive here.

But I also know, and hope the Court considers, that America has no more that two (2) generations before our majority is flipped simply because each succeeding generation, including  my own, knows less about both America and God’s role in it than the previous. And we must correct the design errors we’ve allowed to creep in. I can see no value in the Supreme Court reversing “Roe v Wade”, thus sending the abortion issue back to the states if the states, see Georgia today, can easily win any legislative election through manipulation, making Roe the law in every individual state.

The “D”‘s know that in order to secure their wins for posterity they must eradicate “God” from the public arena, Russia still be the best example of how difficult is to find God, once lost, and what a society looks like without Him. And the “D”‘s also know they must remove from the “A”‘s their ability to resist. (I discuss this in Part IV.) I’m not sure which they consider their first priority.

But the Court should be advised that by indulging the bratty child the violence will not be lessened, in fact, in all likelihood, more severe.

So no, “we will not go quietly into the night”. We will not be the French under Nazi-Occupation, whose patriot-underground worked only to support their rescue by America, for no one in France had anything bigger than a shotgun. I liked the Norwegian underground better. We have over 400 million guns, with a great deal of skill in using them. And unlike Portland police, we do not fight with one arm tied behind our backs, or by anything even remotely near the Marquis of Queensbury rules of fair fighting.

Not with this bunch.

Part IV, The Orange Camo Resistance, soon follows.

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