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Autopsy of a Post-Debate Panic by National Media

Yesterday I counted at least 8 post-debate stories in major media, CNN, NYT, WAPO, et al about Trump’s refusal to “denounce” white supremacy all because of the “Proud Boys.”

Factually untrue, and known by the collective Media to be untrue, so an intentional lie; the fact that they all lined up and reported the same meme in tandem proves the jury-worthy fact their lie was orchestrated by a single source.

I’ll leave you to your own speculations as to who that ruling hand might be, but the strongest case can be made that the motive behind this one-day crusade is sheer panic!…no doubt due to what the Source and its minions in the Press know to have been a disaster for their side in the first Trump-Biden debate on Tuesday the 29th.

About the Media-standby meme, Donald Trump’s latent racism: it largely stems from his “you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides” comment he made about the 2017 Charlottesville protests and counter protest:

It is also a lie, but a lie the Left has nurtured since well before Trump. You may recall male, white prayer groups being denied permits to march and assemble in California, (at the insistence of Nancy Pelosi, I recall) during the 2016 campaign. They were denied on the notion that by being white supremacists they would invite violence by counter-protests, much like I would invite violence by wearing a MAGA cap to Target or put a Trump sign in my front yard.

Democrats have always believed in the “Devil Made Me Do it” knee-jerk defense for crimes, (made popular by comedian Flip Wilson in the 60s-70s. A black man, incidentally, very funny, and nationally popular because of the reception of his humor among white adult audiences.)

Probably no American national politician, much less president, has had such a rich and varied assemblage of friends in the black community than Donald Trump. But most were not among the political class, inviting great jealousy by the political class. He even had (has) and easy working relationship with the “help”. Has yet to curse out his first one, Hillary.

No one ever considered Donald Trump to be a racist until he became president.

And Donald Trump did know of some of those “fine people” at Charlottesville, for they came from some of the most noble of families, well above the station of Sen Robert Byrd, the best the Democrats could do with their southern lineage. You see, one the interested groups assembled to save the statues at Charlottesville were The Sons of Confederate Veterans, founded 1896, and dedicated to the highest ideals of American patriotism. Its members come exclusively from both the Southern officer class and the rank and file farm boys. Every major American city has small memberships of SCV.

But not just any snot-eyed inbred can join the SCV. They must present records of direct lineage with an active duty Confederate soldier. I have such a friend, now in his late 70s, and ill-health, whose great, great, great grandfather rode with the 11th Virginia Cavalry. He still has his boots.

Trump knew those kind of “fine people” at Charlottesville. Democrats arose out of the likes of Robert Byrd, and the better part of a century, were damned proud of it. Lest we forget.

And, as a running story with the Left, nor have the Media been able to prove that Proud Boys are a white supremacist group. All they have proved, once again, is that their minions in the Media still don’t know how to do their homework. Or intentionally overlook facts, considering the general cluelessness of their readers.

For you see, the leader of the Proud Boys is this guy, a “dark man” named Enrique Tarrio.

                                                                                 (Courtesy: LJ Miller, Unified Patriots)

I’m sure white supremacists enjoy being led by a non-white.

So, yes, when you see these kinds of things, know 1) The Democrats are in panic-city

and 2) watch the election processes in your city and state closely, especially legal actions.

Planning for the Grand heist are in process.



2 thoughts on “Autopsy of a Post-Debate Panic by National Media

  1. America loves a
    straight forward scrapper
    Thank God For Donny!!

    He put a big ass tear in that curtain of the con jobbers.

    That shit sandwich between
    The wholesome country lovin
    Ronny R and Donny T

    Reagan or Trump perfect?

    By no means.
    Real Americans ?
    I believe so

    Yes we have been too polite

    Bless you Mr B.!

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