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God Bless America, and the Way They Looked, Why it Matters Now

On this Memorial Day, add this short piece to your Great Awakening file, for it gives you some idea how words and mere looks can scare the bejeezus out of America’s enemies, just in the knowledge that the fight they have started with us will not be over until one of the other side is destroyed. Japan miscalculated. Germany miscalculated.

And now has the American Left. We will be looking at how we can best convey to that, so that they will know real fear

There are ways, discussed in the Great Awakening set, beginning here, and still in progress, that you can frighten the American Left without having to do anything more than to let them see us in a “take no prisoners” look on our faces. Study them. And then compare with the families as they visit their lost ones at the various military cemeteries around the country.

Background: In 1938 Irving Berlin rewrote a song he’d written during World War I. It was first sung on the radio by Kate Smith in November, 1939, less than 90 days after Hitler invaded Poland, locking Europe in war.

America would not join that war until after Pearl Harbor in December, 1941, over two years later. But everyone knew it would come in 1939.

This film short was produced later, re-enacting Miss Smith’s radio debut, showing the kinds of faces Americans wore knowing that war was coming. Consider it a learning tool, for while this song was never allowed to be heard in Nazi Germany, the Propaganda Ministry in Berlin, under Goebbels, knew all about it. And the Nazi bunds (secret clubs) in America that had been around since the early 30s, also saw that look. America was not partying down those two years before we sent troops to North Africa.

When America came to rescue Europe and end it, they came as one nation, from first and second generation immigrants, to family names that had been in America for 300 years. My dad was one of those.

These were grown ups. And grown ups scare the American Left, just like they did in the Vietnam years.

Take notes.

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