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A 30-Day Track Ahead of the Fear Mongers

There’s a gentleman on Twitter named Mike Anderson @mikeandersonsr, who’s a 60-something executive manager. He’s begun posting on Twitter every morning, early, around 6, a running total of reported US coronavirus cases, at their various stages of treatment, and recovery, and of course, deaths.

By simply noting these each day, or just every other day, you can create your own chart or graph, if for no other reason than to raise your own awareness and to be a little more engaged than simply a part of the great herd who are told things then told what to think about those things you were just told.

Mike Anderson provides the raw materials.

You can find other resources that can carry that count back to the date of the first US death “in the US” (the first American citizen to die, died in Wuhan, by the way) but as of today (3/21) that numbers stands at 275, from a total of 19,774 known cases, or 1.4%.

Since 3/18 total US cases have risen from 8131-10,755-14,000-19,774, or an increase of 240%. In just 4 days.deaths have risen from 132-to-275 as of last night, a 208% increase.

Those are real numbers. Now let me show you how people might play with numbers:

Using the 4-day rate of 240% of new cases, and 200% 4-day rate of deaths, in 28 days, on 17 April, 2020, our total case count would be around 580.000 cases, and 4400 deaths, if that rate held steady. In a years’ time, around 7 million cases, and 53,000 deaths.

Our government wants to beat that trend, and my belief is we can knock it in the head.

That would be almost double the death rate for the 2009-2010 H1N1 virus that took between 20,000-30,000 lives over a year’s span….without almost no federal or state intervention or major public disruption. And hardly a mention in the media. A vaccine was developed late, but by all accounts it (was allowed) to run its course

The Swine Flu H1N1 virus, as best we can ascertain, was a domestic virus. Coronavirus is foreign, from China, and the nations around the world that have the highest number of cases have had substantial contact with China, in particular its government. Interestingly, the United States had the greatest amount of contacts with China, in business and cultural exchanges, but ranks well below some European counts in the death toll, in part because we were the first, by several crucial days, to cut off commercial traffic with China, on 31 January. You can speculate that the numbers stated above would be much higher had we not done so.

In fact, we are now in a period of speculation about everything associated with the Wuhan virus. I suggest whatever you share with friends and associates, you couch them in terms of speculation only.

President Donald Trump shut our country down externally with China on 31 January with the explicit, clear intention of barricading ourselves against any new arrivals of the virus to our shoes. That 30 day forward outline above would have provided almost three (3) months to ascertain just how large the virus-host population actually was/is in America. If anyone gets the ChinaFlu tomorrow, it will be passed by a contact that here before 31 January.

The final doors on our borders were closed this weekend when we made agreements with Canada and Mexico to close our borders.

In short, America is just like your own home as you self-isolate. If you have been in contact with anyone that could pass the virus onto you, you will know within two weeks, or easily by mid-April. If those numbers indeed continue to grow as the “model” above suggests, then it will come from our daily contact with a far smaller group of people.

I have voiced rather loudly that our governments shut down too much, and too broadly, but also noted those decisions came from our (imperial) middle, not from the office of the President, for quite unnaturally for modern presidents, Donald Trump did not seize the reigns of power, but rather allowed the rules of federalism to guide individual states and local governments to decide on the limits of mobility they would allow their citizens,

If they goofed, and many have, (I’m making a list myself) they will answer to the people the next time their name appears on a ballot. That’s the way it was drawn up in 1787.

Already we know that several states will be virtually untouched by the ChinaVirus, and all states are doing contact reports determining the home-source of each case. I assume a central facility is collating this information. We will know much more by April 17.

We also know entire parts of some states are also virtually empty of ChinaFlu cases. And those states will likely, just to save their own skins, lift many of the restrictions now being levied on communities and small businesses.

If you look at a national map of state-by-state cases, you’ll note they’re almost all Blue, including blue cities inside red states. And it does appear that working people have borne the brunt of the restraints on local trade and entertainment, not to mention the job disruption to job loss for many parents. The basic school-baby-sitting-job cycle has been greatly damaged. (It’s just me, but I think a lot of people in government are taking a lot of pleasure in seeing Donald Trump’s voter base hung out to dry, so to speak.)

That a lot of name ‘brands’ will lose their factory base in China bothers me little. I’ve been watching that pack of wolves for years. And that a lot of global managers in Davos may also lose their “factory-floor” in China doesn’t just not-bother me, it delights me. (Also a whisper to the globalists, the Chinese never had any intention of keeping their end of the bargain anyway. It’s just how they roll.)

We cannot rely on the reported get-well, recovery rate from China. I’ve noted elsewhere they can lie better getting out of a pickle than the lies they used to get them into the jar in the first place. But by April 17 we will have a better idea, all the way into the summer. 80% of America should be able to hope to see America return to normal, taking away once again the fear-bullet the Media has aimed at us, like the Chinese government, falling still a notch or two lower in public believability than they were in January, while ignoring these pieces of news coming out of China while focusing on the impeachment of the only person, it seems, who actually knew how to navigate these waters.

The one thing the American media cannot do is manufacture new cases of ChineseCorona and make it any larger than it already is.

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