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Apparently Gaining World Control is a Lot Harder Than it Looks; History Once Again at the Crossroads

This week marks a seminal point in world history, not just about what will happen, but how what happens will be recorded.

History as Written

I argued in November that it would be better not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her email crimes, arguing that doing so now would only elevate her in History, since it is currently written by members of her own tribe who still control the apparatus of writing history. (I suggested other alternatives that could allow HRC to hang herself in History, but that’s another matter.)

Just remember that History is always written by the winners, and while we just won an historic election, we are not yet in a position to write that history in a such a way that it become a part of world lore.

This is because we find ourselves in a vortex of an even larger human drama being played out worldwide, in which, while America is integral to the outcome, we are not yet able to dictate it.

To understand this vortex we need to look beyond America. For many years we have known America was in the grip of two competing camps, with two distinctly different world views, up to and including how we understand the fundamental dignity of Man.

So on the eve of beginning this next chapter of our journey, which many of us won’t live to see completed, while ordinarily I’d crow about how much this election victory means to us, I think it’s time to state the case how much this election means to them… those worldwide, not just in America, who are seeing over half a century of preparation beginning to come undone just as they were ready to hammer those last nails in the coffin of all that “natural rights of Man” crap our founding fathers implanted into our original blueprint.

When an irresistible force runs smack into an immovable object, what happens? 

And which one are we?

While America holds its breath for 12 noon, January 20th, many world leaders and some of the world’s richest billionaires, have gathered at Davos…to hail the new king of global wealth…China’s Premier Xi, who last I checked still claims to be a genuine Marxist.

Only, is he any longer a Maoist of the old school?

Before I go any further, I will proclaim that Donald Trump did not bring this convergence about. It had been moving inexorably in this direction since Stalin poisoned Lenin, (or so most Russians believe) since the United Nations was turned into the bar scene from the original “Star Wars” – since Nixon first sent Kissinger to Beijing, and since America’s law schools and business schools changed their curricula to train and anoint a class of our betters instead of a professional class, roughly 40 years ago.

The basic relationship between the State and Man has changed since the feudal system. but the view of each player to the other, State and Man, hasn’t changed since ancient Egypt, or Rome… defined by a single narrow line depicting an (1) all-powerful un-elected elite, a (2) appointed apparatus, made up of tiers and tiers of professional factotums and their go-fers, with the (3) remaining 80%, drones, from which education and welfare systems have been established to feed, shelter and clothe, and from that pool to select the most ambitious performers to then come over and become part of the apparatus where the pickings are a little nicer.

That one change in this basic arrangement of 5000 years came with the invention of America.

Otherwise, in the minds of the State class, all capital, ALL capital, should remain at the disposal of the state elites to parcel out as they see fit, by a “natural design” that began at least as early as when the Carolingians first inked their power-sharing agreement with the Roman Church in 800 A.D. Otherwise, all other capital it is stolen capital.

With regards to money (capital), the short-sightedness of communism is that Karl Marx never envisioned such large heaps of capital being made available to the State, by allying itself with capitalism. Instead he wanted to smother it. Neither Lenin nor Stalin could imagine a communist world without shortages everyone had to share together. (I’ve been in “up-scale” Communist Party hotel rooms with a bath, so know of which I speak. Motel 6’s are more ritzy.) Nor could Mao envision a socialist world of plenty, even as the Chinese have always been inveterate capitalists and most Sinologists had known since the 60s it was inevitable that they would eventually find some common ground with capital in order to unleash that extraordinary production capacity.

So while Russia had been coming undone since WWII, and China was gaining its bearings, who kept that image of “plentiful-socialism” alive for seventy years were the Social Democrats of Europe, with two thousand years of their own pasts built on just that sort of class splendor and privilege, Marx, the Russian and the Chinese had never known.. From the first day the first New York City cop issued his first double-parking ticket to a French attache to the United Nations, we knew the Euros would never really stoop to sharing gruel and hard bread with their working classes. Socialism has been very, very good to them.

And they knew how to keep the fatted calf fat.

The alliance between the State and Capital we’ve seen gathered at Davos was always the European socialist model. I have always called it “hot-tub socialism,” which even harder-core “get-even” socialists like Van Jones and Barack Obama have also taken a cotton to because it is very enticing and pleasing to the senses.

In different eras, this relationship between the State and Capital has gone by various names, which is why it’s important who writes History. When this alliance is mean and indifferent, even brutal, it has been called Fascism. An Evil Thing. But when its power is meted out with velvet gloves, and has the ability to create the appearance of benevolence and equanimity, it is referred to as Social Democracy and Global Capitalism. And it is portrayed as a Good Thing.

The rise of the European Super State, adding tier after tier of bureaucracy on top of already inefficient and oppressive state bureaucracies, joined with a self-indulgence by the apparatchik class to so sate themselves they didn’t want to be bothered about having children, there was never a doubt since the 1980s at least, that the European Super-State would turn mean and indifferent, once the native populations petered out. It would have to in order to survive.

“Fascist” is the only fair way to describe the super-state we are seeing emerge, for now they must, for their own survival, squeeze their own people in order to keep their own privileged status alive.

History has been at this crossroads before, only now the people of the world have a model to go by to resist it. The great thinkers always knew that a Drone Class would never put up with oppression for long, and would resist, or at least wreck and deny it. The rise and fall of feudalism proves that is not necessarily an overnight process.

But America has indeed shortened the fuse. America is Man’s highest example of organized, democratic wrecking of Statism.

So today we are here and they are there, and once again, we have to ask, what happens when an irresistible force runs into an immovable object?

Actually, since we are both, it depends on who the moving party is. For over 250 years we moved History simply by being the fly in the State’s buttermilk, upsetting all sorts of plans just be being here, that shining beacon on the hill, disproving every notion they had concocted about common men and women. But as the forces of the State are finally gathering under a “new” flag, and after seventy years of trying to undermine America’s foundations, they’re suddenly finding out that besides being an irresistible force, we are also an immovable object, having just thrown out those burrowing animals used to undermine our foundation.

Hence, the rise of a liberty movement in Europe (aka “populist” or “nationalist” or even “nativist”), including Germany, where Mrs Merkel must now engage in fake news attacks to preserve her party’s rule in the upcoming elections. This proves how well just the rumor of an American revolt against Globalism has been transported to the Continent, even after eight years of Obama trying to drive us into their fascist camp. The loudness of America’s rejection of Obama has heartened spirits in Europe that have lain dormant since the 1930s.

It isn’t that


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