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It Seems Black Voters are Hiding From Fox News Pollsters In the Same Places White Voters Are

In plain sight

As Donald Trump gave a rousing speech to black churchgoers in Detroit, where blacks are known to sit on their hands if they don’t like a candidate, a timed Fox News Poll  reported only 1% of polled African-Americans favor Donald Trump.

What gives?

Well, in part, we can guess that Fox, both the business enterprise and its coterie of news celebrities, safely ensconced inside the golden halo of the ruling class, while knowing that Hillary Clinton is every bit the calculated thief, liar, and assassin-by-indifference of heroes who quixotically laid down their lives defending their nation’s honor, still cannot allow themselves to close their eyes and envision a President Donald Trump standing before them as the alternative.

I suspect a kind of morbid sense of dread exists at Fox, trying to create a moral equivalence between Trumps’ shortcomings in gaucherie and Hillary’s crimes and treasons, going back to her White House years. (For that first period of history, there’s an interesting little book from 2000, just 92 pgs, “Hillary Rodham Clinton, What Every American Should Know”…available at Amazon for just pennies…by Christian Josi and the American Conservative Union. It’s a quick study of her first criminal career, which led up to an FBI indictment that George W Bush quashed when he took office in 2001).

Fox has either signed a secret pact with the #NeverTrump crowd, of which George Will and Bill Kristol are signatory members, or, they are treading water hoping that a Third Way may yet reveal itself in the next 70 days.

Either way, Fox’s rationalizations about evil are certainly not the same as the peoples’.

So, the inbred bias of media notwithstanding, one still has to square Trump’s triumphal reception in Detroit with those almost impossible-to-believe Fox poll numbers, above, 1% to 92%, especially that blacks prefer Gary Johnson seven times more than Donald, at 7%…leaving Mrs Clinton with 92% against the soothsayers’ assessment that she needs to win the same 93% Barack won in 2012 in order to win.

Or so they say.

Who believes any of these poll numbers, anyway? Not when you can’t find the voters. Polling statistics have gotten way out of hand, and have for some time, especially in benchmarking voting preferences by racial and ethnic groups. Did you know that there is no statistically reliable way to measure how many blacks ever vote for any candidate in any election?  The 2012 tally of black voters for Obama was 93% based on CNN exit polls only…and that’s all. (I surveyed the Virginia vote that election and could find no precinct or county that went more then 80%-85%, which means the 93% was contrived to satisfy some other purpose.)

Still, that CNN exit poll is repeated as fact today, but I’d like to see, for balance, exit polls conducted by the Klu Klux Klan or some other impartial observer. Perhaps one of Putin’s teams of hackers.

Why polling honesty, or better still, polling competence, is so important in this upcoming election, is that the urge is huge for Democrats to be able to try to meet the expectations of pollsters, both going in and coming out, to establish a narrative for the next election. The believability of the entire polling system falls apart if they cannot explain why Trump won despite 90% of blacks voting for Hillary, when we can already see that won’t happen in real life. Historically, if blacks don’t like a Democrat candidate they have just stayed home, never voting for the Republican, never knowing that in  many cases their vote was cast anyway. (There are ways, so don’t act so dismayed.)

But when their showing up to vote is an uncertainty? Democrats face a difficult task if blacks may show up to vote and unexpectedly vote the R.  That poses a different set of problems many precincts aren’t equipped to handle. In certain states this has been a growing problem in some states (i.e., North Carolina) before Trump even came onto the scene.

So, Hillary is outspending Trump by a fantastical margin, yet he continues to climb with just the voters they can find and poll, while knowing that there are maybe 5% or more out there they can’t.

Trump’s campaign, from the very beginning, has moved almost entirely by word of mouth, while Hillary’s has been so media-based, both paid media and free water-carrying from the national media, including Fox, she’s been able to go into hiding, with the tacit understanding that every time she opens her mouth her numbers drop.

Where “You have everything to lose” and “You have nothing to lose” intersect.

During the primary campaign Trump was able to lure over half of the Christian evangelical vote from a solid evangelical, Ted Cruz, on the basis of his greater ability to actually get things done (a skill Cruz was unable to demonstrate). We saw this first when Jerry Falwell Jr, of Liberty University, and reported here by me in Feb 2016 threw his support behind Mr Trump. Mr Falwell said, (my paraphrase) that “evangelicals have everything to lose if Hillary is elected”. And he has been followed by Franklin Graham, and many others.

In similar fashion, Donald has offered the obverse of that message to African-Americans, “you have nothing to lose if you will vote for me”, which is just as true. And it has been equally received. What no Republican would do for thirty years, he told blacks to their faces what they always knew…the Democrats’ dependency system was to secure their votes, not better their opportunity, education and jobs, and certainly not provide a way out or up. And the only people who would become enriched would be the politicians and the dependency-pimps who take a 60% cut of annual entitlement money to tend the plantation, and who indeed have gone from Ford Fairlane’s in the 1960s to Lexus’ in 2017. .

Still Fox reports 1%?

Don’t believe it. Democrats have a problem, and let’s pray, with some help from poll watchers, citizen precinct-counters, and rosebush yankers, they won’t be able to mobilize enough assets to counter the surge.

As for Fox, we’ve reported here that pollsters can’t count who they can’t find, and likely don’t even know exist. CNN and HuffPo like to call them “angry white males”, and even the girls at RedState refer to them as lowborn rednecks or somesuch, as if only college grads should be allowed to vote.

The blacks Fox can’t find are in the private sector, both blue collar, including union frank and file, who, like 1980, aren’t telling any pollster who they’re voting, and the rare, but still influential white collar professional.

But it never dawned on Fox pollsters to count blacks not inside the Beltway or government establishment, who are largely Democrat, since that is who pays them. Most black college grads are steered into easy government work where set asides await them, having never been told they could grow up to be like Herman Cain if they decided to prove themselves with merit instead..

In truth blacks, educated and poor alike, are largely locked into the Democrat way of voting because of one thing; dependency, i.e, where they get their money every month. Let’s say 80% instead of 93%. Democrats have steered so far left, and have become so disliked by anyone not on their direct payroll or dole-role, they now face a serious problem. Trump is tapping that resentment.

The command economy Democrats established has become so powerful that even influential Republicans and a whole lot of wannabes, aka #NeverTrumps, are now threatened if they cannot find these angry white, and ungrateful black voters …hiding in plain sight…and find a way to deny their vote.



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