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I Hate This Word—-“Crucified”

Hat Tip to Greg Gutfeld of Fox News, who coined the title.

At least once a week Glenn Beck says he had been “crucified” usually pertaining to something he said or predicted a year or more ago, was lambasted by the Left, and then proved to be true.

1) Unless you have been hung on a tree, with nails hammered in your hands and feet, and scourged, you have not been crucified. Find another metaphor for any pain you had suffered; especially since…

2) You never suffered any pain at all. If you have been mocked by people who otherwise hate you anyway, and say all manner of slander against you anyway, you have suffered no harm unless you are a thin-skinned professional victim. You have not been crucified;

3) Other prominent personalities, such as Jack Welch, the Koch Brothers, and Phil Robertson are not, and cannot, be crucified if they pay no attention to their detractors and name-callers. Only congressmen shrink in horror from malicious name-calling, but even they are not crucified. They pick up their paycheck month in regular fashion and do not fear appearing in public back in the district.

4) You cannot be crucified by your enemies at the same time you are defeating your enemies. Annoying your enemies is a form of winning, not crucifixion;

Glenn Beck uses “being crucified” as a way to martyrize himself, to show he has suffered or been pained, by people who can do him harm, when no such thing has occurred

Don’t use that word anymore.

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