Egypt is Burning Christians Out, and Obama Wants Us to Subsidize Them

This is a big heads up to our friends, the House Freshmen. This cannot be allowed to happen...The G8 promising to provide aid to support the rising democracies of Arab Spring in Egypt and Tunisia. A...

Self-Radicalize; When You Don’t Have Anything Better to Do

(Photo: Ahmed Khan Rahami, 29, convicted in October 2017 of the September 2016 New York City and New Jersey bombings, injuring 30). In 1992 I took an overnight train from Moscow to Ukraine, with an...

The Shotgun and Rewriting History

From an old grizzled veteran (my age) named Mike, who contributed a lot of wisdom to our Veterans'Tales site for a few years: You're asleep when  you hear  a thump outside your  bedroom door. Half-awake, and nearly ...

Baathist Syria vs. the Muslim Brotherhood, Part II

The Baathist Party of Syria, under Hafez al-Assad took power in Syria in 1970. The are an old style dictatorial regime ruling with an iron fist. The Baathists, while paying lip service to Islam...

Christianity and the Changing Face of Islam since 2001

I published a short reminder in 2001 about the generational differences between the people who had to confront the killers of 9/11 and those who had to deal with the alliance who attacked Pearl Harbor and...

Melancholy, a Ten-Minute Indulgence

Just to shut you down for about ten minutes, remind you of your place... ...and our place.   Both from Ken Burns films: Lewis and Clark Ashokan Farewell, Civil War Ashokan Farewell-Sullivan Ballou Letter