“Hopeless, But Not Yet Certain”

Life is Stories, some last only a moment, others have legs. Be one with legs.

Handbook of Dark Alley Counter-Revolution

2019 and the Democrats have given clear evidence where they want to take America and how they intend to get us there. Sadly, a large number of sitting Republicans have allowed themselves to be steamrolled by...

Wikipedia and the Killing of History, a Guide

This will be a short note to highlight a link to a subject I researched for a commentary about Manifest Destiny mentioned in historian Bernard DeVoto's book 1846, the Year of Decision (1943). Almost...

A Memo on the Vietnam Draft, a Prelude for 21st Century Vets

(This is a set-up piece, a prelude, as to why we need a corps of veterans out there teaching young kids about America. Like any military exercise, we have to 1) know the objective and 2) and...

Did Politics Overrule Medicine or Did Medicine Overrule Politics with Wuhan Flu?

Without compelling evidence, such as a whistleblower or document or communication, can we say with any certainty that Politics has overruled Medicine by shutting America down in 2020? Short Answer: Yes. The easiest way to explain...

“One of These Day I’m Gonna Run This Construction Company!”

For those of you old enough, there was a beatnik comedian from the 60s named Brother Dave Gardner. He told a story about going to a construction site where he saw a fellow standing over by the gravel pile with his foot on his...