The Article V Convention Conundrum

(Note: Early next year, the Virginia Assembly will take up the Article V issue, and as things now stand, the pro-Art V folks, the Movers, will be speaking directly to the General Assembly, while...

Resistance to Illegitimacy, A Way Forward

We are fugitives from the law of averages. (Bill Mauldin)

When Incompetents Cluster; the Obama Administration

Incompetents often don't know they're incompetent, so are extraordinarily proud of it. Arrogant even, maybe.

Donald Trump and the Common Man

I've written about this in other contexts over the past few years, but it's time for another update considering the unexpected popularity of Donald Trump with segments of American society no one would have dreamed...

For Bob Beckel: Famous Common People I Have Known, Lester Motley

(Editors Note: Bob Beckel was finally fired by Fox News in the week of May 15, 2017, for, you guessed it, proving his white god liberal status for saying something racist to a black...

Judging Beauty, Goodness and Virtue

"If you judge Beauty or Goodness or Virtue solely based on what you see in the mirror you will likely die a painful death...whether old or young. Just ask Kurt Cobain" from St George Frederick, an old friend returned.