And the lack thereof. And certain laws apply. Take this fellow, Qassem Suleimani, who had been the commander of the Iranian Quds Force for over 20 years. Quds are the guys who coordinate Iranian military activities outside of...

This “Effing Impeachment” by the “Effing Democrats”; a Dream Quest

Almost a year ago I posted a link to several music videos, with the idea of giving you something to sit back and dream of how citizens might exercise frontier justice on the enemies...

Outlining “The Battle of Algiers” for 2020 Realities

This will be a short training outline of the film "The Battle of Algiers" which I offered here a few days ago. It should also open your eyes to some modern beliefs about Islam...

Deplorables, The Return of the Taught

Among the Baby Boomer generation, there must be two (2) major missions we agree to undertake before we pass out of sight. We are all that remains of "the taught", so practically speaking we have...

The Battle of Algiers (1966)- A Road Map

This Is a film, not a documentary, and not a single drop of documentary news reel is involved, yet, most people when they see it, think that it is. Watch this film and Study this...

If you think you are entitled to go through life without your Spirit being vexated...think again. And find something better to do about it than complain.