Full disclosure I’ve been involved in “dark alley” projects against the Left for several years, covering various aspects of left wing official misbehavior. But I’m too old and slow to go out and kill bad...

Occupy Part Two, Children’s Crusade No More

There are two general views about the Occupy Movement, expressed best by Charles Krauthammer and Glenn Beck.

Under Siege

If you don't already know it, we're under siege.

Setting Our Jaws

To win, we must set our jaws firm, our eyes fixed, our hands so they don’t quake and our fingers so they don’t quiver. Our eyes should be black as coal.

Establishment vs Tea Party, It’s Officially a War

The South wasn't supposed to fire the first shot in the Civil War, but they did. And some say they were finessed. Rush Limbaugh, as early as a year ago, began asking the question of conservatives:...

If you think you are entitled to go through life without your Spirit being vexated...think again. And find something better to do about it than complain.