The “Nourished by Outrage” Crowd, It’s Time for them to Sort Themselves Out

You all recognize this young lady... response to what else? Outrage. Sweetie Pie has always been my poster girl for a generational mindset of psychological imbalance gained almost exclusively at home and in schools the parent(s)...

American Theology Simply Stated, The Transcendence of Liberty

The Transcendence of Liberty I’ve told this story before, of the time in 1991 I attended a birthday party for a law professor at a university in USSR Ukraine. Around three tables pushed together, in...

HomoBureaucraticus and Self-Destruction

(photo credit: Haitian passports dumped in the ground in Brazil as they prepared to make their (organized)way to Texas. I'm going to reprint a few lines what I mentioned only recently, but several times over...

The Doctrine of Liberty, The Original Republican Brand, Who Owns It?

I claim primacy for the GOP that is the older of the two, as well as the one that claims the greater chance of actually growing in size

How Things Work When Unworkable Things are Allowed to Work (Step Two)

This is Part II, a Tactical overview of a suggestion I posed here on June 29. "Dealing With Public Insanity as if Our Lives Depended on it" To be at this point, you've at least...

If you think you are entitled to go through life without your Spirit being vexated...think again. And find something better to do about it than complain.