When is Vigilantism Justified?— “Sky Determines”

  I've often said that throughout all history "Sky determines" the rules men and their families have to live by when they move into a new place. The physical terrain; weather and natural enemies, define...

The Shotgun and Rewriting History

From an old grizzled veteran (my age) named Mike, who contributed a lot of wisdom to our Veterans'Tales site for a few years: You're asleep when  you hear  a thump outside your  bedroom door. Half-awake, and nearly ...

About Neutralizing those Laser Attacks by Antifa

As you know 3 DHS agents may have been permanently blinded by direct hits on their eyes with green laser beams. My first complaint off the bat is that no one on-the-ground, reporters such as...

Deplorables, The Return of the Taught

Among the Baby Boomer generation, there must be two (2) major missions we agree to undertake before we pass out of sight. We are all that remains of "the taught", so practically speaking we have...

The Media’s Cub-Reporter Army, Lies and Damned Lies

"What to do with a dishonest media" has been a question that has dogged citizens for at least a hundred years. In the September before the election I wrote a piece of how G K...

If you think you are entitled to go through life without your Spirit being vexated...think again. And find something better to do about it than complain.