Covid-19, a Report from Bulgaria from an Old Friend

Her name is Maria Georgieva, and I have known her for over 20 years. I last saw Mimi in 2008 just after I began writing at RedState. Their baby, Georgi, was only two or...

Judging the “Expert Class” in Times of Crisis, the John Cleese Axiom

A few weeks ago I posted a short 3-minute clip of John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, as he introduced his 2020 comedy tour. I had planned to see him in Richmond this Fall,...

Famous Un-Common People I Have Known, Jefe

(Note: I wrote this a few days ago under the assumption Jefe was no longer able to correspond and eve have passed away. He wrote me yesterday from Hawaii he was just fine, Thank...

Famous Common People I Have Known, Miss Spassky, the Little Sparrow

My own school closing down, I spent my last three years of high school in another coal camp a few miles up the creek. I had many adventures there since I was still a virgin...

Famous Common Places I Have Known, Ma Martin’s on North Lime

Rick Wilson's really poor affectation of hillbilly mannerisms and slang put me in mind of one of my fondest memories of my college days, a bar on the other side of Lexington, Kentucky where...

"Armies travel on their stomach, Vandals, looters, and other bratlings travel on their appetites; drugs, alcohol, sex and vanity. Stifle those and they will stay home."