Famous Common People I Have Known, A Dog Named Spook

I hope dogs go to heaven.

Nehi Grape and Moon Pies

More Famous Common People I have Known, and the Politics of Dependence

Famous Common People I Have Known, Luther Brock

And important lessons taught about "How Things Work". Luther Brock is that little fat kid on the second row, third from the right, with the star-struck, clueless look on his face. This was our First Grade...

The Time I Took my Wife to Meet the Girls at Manos in Tokyo

You already know the story of my first visit to Manos, the Russian spy-restaurant in Tokyo. It was 1972. It was run by two brothers from Pittsburgh, former OSS officers during WWII, and within shouting distance...

Famous Common People I Have Known, Miss Spassky, the Little Sparrow

My own school closing down, I spent my last three years of high school in another coal camp a few miles up the creek. I had many adventures there since I was still a virgin...

“Sex”- Innocence is Worth Protecting

Why I oppose sex ed for children. Corrie ten Boom was a Dutch Christian who helped Jews hide from the Holocaust during the Nazi era. She and her older sister, and two brothers and her father, a watch-maker, were arrested, and put into prison. Her...