Should Trump Testify? —-No, It’s a History-Perjury Trap

Or should I say, "a perjury-History Trap"? Mark Steyn announced on Rush Thursday that the House Managers invited Donald Trump to testify sometime between the 8th and the 12th of February...under oath. Mark, who I...

When Fear and Paranoia Move Centerstage, Look for an Invisible Hand

And that hand isn't God's. It's the Manipulator's. Moving into the fall election season last year, we spent days here discussing the inner workings of this latest generation of spoiled Wunderkinder, and that the demons...

Impeachment Kabuki, Barricades and Empire

In Eastern Europe there was an interesting story about Caiaphas, the High Priest of the Sanhedrin, who urged Pilate to order the crucifixion of Jesus. Some churches that became Eastern Orthodox territory of eastern...

It’s Fear that Drives the Left’s Hate

Only two weeks ago I published, "The Genesis of Hate as a Religion in America" which was a synopsis of Ayn Rand's book of essays about what she called "the Age of Envy" as...

What Donald Trump Knows That You Should Think About The Next 7 Days

I spent several days in Atlanta last week, visiting family and getting a lay of the land about how a possible resistance movement might shape up should things go from bad to worse. I've...

If I could draw from conservative Media members who could fill out real government functions in a new administration, I'd start with Tucker Carlson and Mollie Hemingway. They transcend the media craft.