Autopsy of a Post-Debate Panic by National Media

Yesterday I counted at least 8 post-debate stories in major media, CNN, NYT, WAPO, et al about Trump's refusal to "denounce" white supremacy all because of the "Proud Boys." Factually untrue, and known by the...

Chris Wallace and a Free Press, a Reminder from G K Chesterton

Of all the freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, nothing confounds a Free people more than the Freedom of the Press. 245 years of responsible gun-ownership proves that the free Press is by...

“The Fountainhead” courtroom Speech, Ayn Rand

Again, I'm not Ayn Rand's biggest fan, but this speech by architect Howard Roark, on trial for having blown up a housing project he designed in New York when another architect changed his design,...

Regardez de Deluge! But from your Home Barricade

The timely, or untimely (your call) passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg this past week may define the already-planned national insurrection landscape all the way up to Election Day, maybe even beyond, so whatever...

John Wayne’s “Racism” and the Cowboy Model for Defending Minorities

Orange County, California recently decided to change the name of its airport, which had been named after John Wayne, the cowboy actor who died in 1979. And of course, take down his statue. A lot...

If I could draw from conservative Media members who could fill out real government functions in a new administration, I'd start with Tucker Carlson and Mollie Hemingway. They transcend the media craft.