The Media’s Cub-Reporter Army, Lies and Damned Lies

"What to do with a dishonest media" has been a question that has dogged citizens for at least a hundred years. In the September before the election I wrote a piece of how G K...

Saul Alinsky’s Doctrine: 8 steps to topple a nation

Below are Saul Alinsky's Eight Steps. Think of these as "fronts" in a war; Western front, Eastern front.  These are all the fronts the Enemies of the United States have set up and been fighting...

What is to be Done?

Leo Tolstoi and V I Lenin both wrote monographs by this title, both about the Russian soul; one moral, the other not. Toward A Well-Appointed and a Well-Regulated Resistance INTRODUCTION The illness of Rush Limbaugh has given...

“Born Yesterday”, A Look Back to 1950, and Becoming American

If you're under 70 you've probably never heard of Judy Holiday. She was a one-hit wonder of sorts, having done "Born Yesterday" on Broadway in 1946 at age 25, then reprise it in the film...

A Letter to a Few Patriots in Congress

Dear Jim: Happy Christmas! Many Blessings on your House. Always Remember that the solution to any condition begins with a unified theory. Then remember that throughout History the primary struggle has always been between Man's innate desire...

If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do----LTC Jeff Cooper, USMC