War-Gaming the Coming War IV; The Bureaucracy

Of all the inside-enemies Donald Trump has, the bureaucracy is the one he knows best, for he has been butting heads with it for well over forty years. Therefore, he's saved me a thousand words...

Donald Trump and the People, a Reprise

(A chapter from my Kindle book at Amazon..com, Donald Trump, the Common Man and the American Theology of Liberty, covering only his campaign through the election, but a unique analysis of Trump's relationship with...

Trump Directs his SOTU to the People, not the Political Class

On paper the State of the Union Address has been from the President, the Chief Executive, to the other branches of Government, telling them how the country was faring. The People, the object of the Constitution, (don't...

The Circle Shall Not be Broken

By God! I sat up with a start this morning, around 2:04. It hit me, "Why are we all pretending this is politics...when it's revolution?" Their media, our media, their talk-show people, our talk show people, all...

How Things Work For People who Don’t Read, or Won’t Read

America has come to a crossroads and the outcome all depends on whether the majority, who for all those years didn't read, and now won't except in 240-character couplets, clean up their acts. I've told...

If I could draw from conservative Media members who could fill out real government functions in a new administration, I'd start with Tucker Carlson and Mollie Hemingway. They transcend the media craft.