A Letter for the Lost; Modern Atheists

Blaise Pascal(1623-62), the French mathematician, inventor and philosopher, said, and I paraphrase, There are three kinds of people: Those who are found, those who are not found but seeking to be found, and those who...

Strzok: Mr Smarty-Pants Tells us More than he wanted us to Know

For several months we've looked at several pages of inanimate text messages and still photos of their makers, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, both FBI upper-level officers. We know about as much about Peter Strzok's...

Meet @theRealDonaldTrump

I have to tell a true story to establish my simpatico with the self-made man who doesn't quite fit in with the local establishment. When newly married, in law school, a man moved into my wife's...

"Armies travel on their stomach, Vandals, looters, and other bratlings travel on their appetites; drugs, alcohol, sex and vanity. Stifle those and they will stay home."