At Both Ends of the Economic Spectrum…

I'm doing a longer piece on "First Principles" which every patriot-American instinctively knows, and which are immediately tripped when someone offends us about our Country. I won't finish it until after Nov 3 because...

Why did John Wilkes Booth call Abraham Lincoln a “Tyrant”?

When John Wilkes Booth put a bullet in Abraham Lincoln's head at Ford's Theatre on April 14th.1865, he jumped over the balcony rail onto the stage, broke his leg, then stood up, faced the audience, and proclaimed "Sic...

The Circle Shall Not be Broken

By God! I sat up with a start this morning, around 2:04. It hit me, "Why are we all pretending this is politics...when it's revolution?" Their media, our media, their talk-show people, our talk show people, all...

Famous Common Places I Have Known, Ma Martin’s on North Lime

Rick Wilson's really poor affectation of hillbilly mannerisms and slang put me in mind of one of my fondest memories of my college days, a bar on the other side of Lexington, Kentucky where...

The New Commission, Toward a Moral Society All Over Again

In Matthew 28, Christ told his disciples to go and teach the Word to all the nations. (Mt 28:16-10). That was Christ's commission

"Armies travel on their stomach, Vandals, looters, and other bratlings travel on their appetites; drugs, alcohol, sex and vanity. Stifle those and they will stay home."