An Anti- Antifa Training Exercise

0 Look over this little 1 minute film from Andy Ngo dated 13 August, of rioters attempting to stop cars leaving a parking garage in Portland. This is a questionnaire just to get you to start...

Needed: A Reclamation Project for Victims of the Left and Deep State

When I was in law school I worked for the Kentucky Bureau of Reclamation, whose original mission was to reclaim all the land in the state that had been devastated by unregulated strip mining. There...

A Memo to President Trump: Beware of the Green Card Bias

This is a hard subject to talk about. President Trump and I belong to a generation when the natural law of "becoming American" was still operational, even for Indians who immigrated here in the 1960s....

We Can’t Takes it No Longer

When his turn came to talk, had Brett Kavanaugh walked out to his desk, sat his notes down, then walked around the table and walked up to Dick Durbin and popped him square on...

Politicians Can’t be Heroes

I'll get to Donald Trump eventually, since there's an election on. But the question is, first, Do nations need Heroes? Thomas Carlyle, the 19th Century English philosopher answered that question with a resounding "Absolutely." In 1842...

Judging Beauty, Goodness and Virtue

"If you judge Beauty or Goodness or Virtue solely based on what you see in the mirror you will likely die a painful death...whether old or young. Just ask Kurt Cobain" from St George Frederick, an old friend returned.